Expansion Package

The ITA Board of Directors have put in place an expansion package to support the continued growth of our organisation, the "ITA Expansion Support Package".

The package consist sof two levels, one for new instructors opening a school for the first time and the other for existing instructors opening an additional school. The school must be firstly approved to open by the ITA board before applying for the support package. 

Support package for new instructors:
ITA School membership fee waived for one year for those that open in 2nd half of year
ITA will pay the IMAC and TAB fees for 1 year for those that open in 2nd half of year
ITA will provide 5,000 A5 full color gloss, double sided fliers
Support package for existing instructors:
ITA will provide 5,000 A5 full colour gloss, double sided fliers
To apply for the support package please email the ITA Secretary General directly with the details of the venue and instructor. You will then need to complete an application form which will be sent to the ITA Board of Directors for approval.