ITA Tournaments

What makes ITA Tournaments Unique?

ITA tournaments offer a high level of competition and organisation to all participants.

ITA offers an individualised schedule to each competitor. On arrival at an ITA tournament the club coach is given a folder with the schedule for their competitors for the day and a sticker for each participant with their individual schedule for the day.

The sticker contains information which is specific to each competitor - the categories they are registered for, the start time for their categories, what ring they will compete in and their competitor number.

Providing the competitor and their coach with this information ensures everyone is well informed and allows them to concentrate on competing to the best of their ability. The scheduling system ensures ITA tournaments run very smoothly and efficiently.

Parents Guide to ITA Tournaments

In order to help our tournaments run even more professionally we decided to better inform the public on how our tournaments operate. We came up with the Parents Guide to ITA Tournaments which outlines key items such as; how to prepare in advance of the tournament, what equipment is needed, what to expect on the day of the tournament, basic rules of pattern and sparring competition and conduct. 

To download this document please click here or alternatively the document is available from ITA instructors.