Black Belt Grading

For venues for Black Belt Gradings please refer to the ITA calendar of events 

Please make sure to arrive by 9.00am to complete registration and to allow your candidate time to prepare themselves for the test.

On the deadline only those who fully complete the application process will be accepted:
  • submit fully completed forms - Application form, PARQ form, Club form
  • meet all the requirements of the ITA and ITF Bylaws
  • have instructors consent to grade (form must be submitted by the candidates instructor only) 
  • have passed a preliminary test under ITA examiners of the appropriate grade and submitted the score forms with the application. 
  • Submit a passport type photo of the candidate (emailed as a separate file, not embedded onto the application form and not exceeding 200kb in size)
  • Those testing for 4th Dan and above must have the authorisation of the ITA technical director in accordance with article 15.07 of the ITA constitution. Written approval needs to be sought before the deadline. 
  • Probationary instructors are not eligible to test for promotion until they have their full instructor status reinstated following the completion of the required courses. 
  • Any appeals regarding eligibility should be made to the board of directors through the Secretary General. 

ITA Bylaws extract (please downliad the ITA Bylaws and ITF Bylaws below for more info)

a)     The minimum age to apply for promotion for 1st Dan black belt is 13 years of age. The candidate must be at least 13 years of age within the month of the black belt grading.

b)    All those aged 16 years and older applying to test for 1st Dan and above must have officiated on at least 2 days of ITA national tournaments in the 18 months prior to their test

c)     All those aged 16 years and older who umpire at 3 of the ITA tournaments in the 12 months prior to their black belt test are eligible for the following bonus marks towards their grading; national C class 15 marks, national B class 20 marks, national A class 25 marks, International B & A class 30 marks

d)    National A and International B umpires who umpire at 3 ITA tournaments in one year will be entered into an annual draw. The winner will be expensed to attend an IUC in Europe i.e. the ITA will cover the cost of their flights, accommodation and course fee.

Call Sheet Black Belt Grading (Updated Jan 2019)

Application form (includes individual application form, PAR Q physical activity readiness questionnaire, and club form) All parts to be completed and sent to ITA Secretary General.

Guidelines for ITA Black Belt Grading

How to organise an ITA black belt grading

ITF Bylaws (please go to section on grading requirements and waiting periods)

ITA Bylaws (please pay special attention to black belt grading requirements, umpire incentives, bonus marks etc)

Please ensure the following fees are paid to the ITA treasurer on the day of the grading in cash or cheque/draft made payable to ITA, those who do not have all fees and documents will not be allowed to test. These fees may also be paid in advance by sending to ITA Treasurer, Mr. Kevin Kinsella, 13 Iniscarraig, Ennis, Co. Clare: