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National Team Mar 19th

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WC 2017 Selection Process

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National Team Sun March 5th

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Umpire Workshop March 5th

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ITA Dublin Open - 13 and under championships

ITA Dublin Open - 13 and under championships

Dear Masters, Instructors/Coaches,

We have the pleasure of inviting you, on behalf of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association, to the ITA Dublin Open Championships for 13 years and under, which will be held in the National Basketball Arena, Tallaght, Dublin, on Sunday April 9th 2017. This competition will include pattern and sparring for all grades and special technique for all blue belts and above from aged 11 upward.

This Championships is for junior colour belt categories and is open to yellow belt to black tag aged 7 to 13yrs.

Please email your entries to no later than Saturday, 1st of April. Please note that this is a pre-registration only event. No club entries will be accepted after the 1st of April. All entries should be made using the Dublin Open excel spreadsheet. Entries will be confirmed by return of email (within 24 hours). If you have not received a confirmation email, your entries have not yet been received. Completed hardcopy forms should be brought on the day of the event.


Please remember that accurate information is the responsibility of the instructor. When submitting your competitor entries you must also send your umpire and coach list or the form will be returned to you as incomplete.


First, second and joint third place in each section shall receive an award. Additionally all juniors up to 10 years to green tag who are not placed will receive a commemorative medal.


Looking forward to seeing you at this event,

Master Mark Buckley VII Dan              Mr. Stephen Ryan VI Dan

ITA Tournament Director                    ITA Tournament Coordinator


On behalf of the ITA Tournament & Umpire Committee


Individual form

Club entry form

Stephen Ryan


World Championships Volunteers

World Championships Volunteers

My name is Teresa Keith, the volunteer coordinator for the upcoming Taekwon-Do World Championships, in October 2017.  Are you interested in volunteering in one of our many jobs available for the tournament?  Do you have a special skill set that would help us to create the greatest tournament ever to take place in Ireland?  The following jobs are in need of being filled.


The Set Up and Breakdown Crew of the arena is to help unload and reload equipment from trucks.  Assist in the set-up and breakdown of the competition arena, warm-up and training areas (e.g. laying down mats, setting up barriers, tidying up).  Also assist in any decoration of hotel and conference rooms.  This job will need a massive number of volunteers, but fortunately is a once off job.


The Marshals of the area will cover the warm up and training areas, the gates to the competition floor and the medal awarding area.  These volunteers will need to guarantee the delivery of athletes to the designated areas and to keep non-essential people out of the sectioned off areas.  The marshal’s job is to make sure the competition stays efficient by ensuring all competitors arrive on time.


The Scoring System Operator will help ensure the IT needs are met for the tournament.


The Front Office Desk and General Query Desk will check ID badges for clearance, ensure all guests are appropriately greeted and answer any queries presented in an efficient and courteous manner.


The Seating Patrol will help with crowd control and aisle clearance as per health and safety regulations.


The After Party Preparation and Set up for Congress will help to decorate the areas, set-up equipment, tables and chairs and assist in any other needs necessary.


We are also looking to recruit children and involve them in this exciting event. We have two roles where envisage they can be involved. Firstly we are looking for children for the Opening ceremony to accompany the athletes from around the world on the athletes parade and secondly to assist with the medal awarding ceremonies on each day of the event. This will be a wonderful opportunity for children who practice Taekwon-Do to get up close to the world-class athletes and the Masters and Grandmasters from around the world.


These are the list of jobs we are currently trying to fill for the tournament.  It is going to take a great number of people to fill all these positions. Our goal is to set-up a roster to ensure all positions are covered but also to meet the needs of our volunteers as well.  All I need from you is an email giving me your name, contact information and availability for volunteering.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.  My email address is or my phone number is 087-6924830. 


Kind regards,

Teresa Keith

Volunteer Coordinator

Taekwon-Do World Championships 2017

Stephen Ryan


National Team Mar 19th

National Team Mar 19th

Venue; North Mon, Cork

Cost; 10 Euro

9:30 Arrival, coach meeting, payment of fees, lay mats, warm up
10-11:30 Sparring (rounds)
11:45-13:00 Individual pattern
13:00-13:45 Lunch
13:45-14:45 Sparring (Drills)
15:00-16:30 Team pattern and special technique

Stephen Ryan


WC 2017 Selection Process

WC 2017 Selection Process

World Championships 2017 Selection Process


·      For World Championships 2017 the winner of the ITA Dublin Open for cadets and seniors 2017 will be the 1st choice selection 

·      Those going for selection for World Championships 2017 should write to the national team coaches and managers ( through their instructors stating which divisions which they wish to contest. This must be sent by March 19th

·      In the case that a division is won by a non-eligible competitor (e.g. International or non ITF Ireland) the coaches will choose the 1st person under the same criteria as the additional places in that division

·      Please note all communication with the national team coaches and management must be made through


Criteria for selecting 2nd and 3rd places:


1.    Performances and results at national tournaments in previous 12 months

2.    Performances and results at International Opens/World Cup in previous 12 months

3.    Performances and results at Euros 2016 & 2017

4.    Progress over last 12 months and potential for improvement

5.    Participation and attendance at squad training and commitment to Team Ireland

6.    If coaches cannot reach a consensus they may choose to have a fight off/scored match between the competitors in question

7.    Coaches have the flexibility to offer places to competitors in alternative divisions to those they initially put themselves forward for if they feel it is in the best interests of the competitor and team Ireland

8.    To be selected must be an active member in good standing of an ITF Ireland club

9.    Selections for World Championships 2017 will be completed within 2 weeks following Euros 2017 where possible

Stephen Ryan


National Team Sun March 5th

National Team Sun March 5th
National Team Training Sunday March 5th

Venue; Ashbourne Community Centre

Cost; 10 Euro
9.30 coach meeting
9.30 competitors arrival, set up and lay mats
10.00 - 11.30 sparring
11.45 - 12.45 individual pattern
12.45 - 1.30 lunch
1.30 - 2.30 sparring
15 minute briefing with senior squad
2.30 - 4pm  team pattern and special  tech

Stephen Ryan


Umpire Workshop March 5th

Umpire Workshop March 5th

Dear Instructor

There will be a free of charge ITA Umpire workshop on Sunday March 5th in Ashbourne community Centre. The course is open to all ITA members. Start time is 10.30am. To register please email ITA Umpire Chairperson Mr Carl Smullen at

Stephen Ryan