Mr. Stephen Ryan VI Dan

Mr. Stephen Ryan commenced training in Taekwon-Do in 1992 in Ennis Taekwon-Do School. Mr Ryan's original instructor was Mr. Tim Forde, now VII Degree Master, and he tested for most of his colour belts under Mr Aidan Walsh, now VI Degree. The Ennis club was later taken on by Mr. Kevin Kinsella, now VI Degree, and Mr Ryan continued to train under Mr. Kinsella's instruction for many years and indeed they train together regularly to this day. Over the years Mr. Ryan has been instructed and taught by many gifted Taekwon-Do practioners as well as his own instructors including Mr. Stephen Cooley who has coached Mr. Ryan from a young age and played a major role in Mr. Ryan's competitive success. Also Master Kenneth Wheatley, VII Degree, who Mr. Ryan has  trained under regularly from an early age and who was the examiner for several Taekwon-Do clubs in Clare, including Quin TKD for many years. Special mention must also go to Master Mark Hutton from Scotland and Master Jerzy Jedut from Poland as well as the many peers and friends who he has competed with at national team level over the years.

Mr. Ryan has completed several International Instructor Training Courses under the ITF technical committee, and IIC's under General Choi Hong Hi, GM Choi Jung Hwa and GM Rhee Ki Ha.

As a competitor Mr. Ryan has held National titles in Pattern, Sparring and Special Technique. He has competed successfully at International level since 1999 and has medaled at ITF European and World Championships and ITF European and World Cups on several occasions in team and individual events. 

Mr. Ryan has held several committee positions within the Irish Taekwon-Do Association  and has been the ITA Secretary General since 2003. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association and and member of the Technical and Instruction Committee. He is also on the ITA Examiners Panel and was ITA Umpire Chairperson for several years before being elected to the position of ITA tournament co-ordinator.

Mr. Ryan is the head instructor of Quin Taekwon-Do Club ( in Quin, Co. Clare which he runs along with Mrs Laura ryan IV Dan and is assisted by their team of black belts. 

As well as his Taekwon-Do qualifications Mr. Ryan holds a 1st Class Honours Degree in Physical Education & Geography from the University of Limerick, he works as a secondary school teacher and is a Level 1 NCDP qualified coach and tutor through the Irish Sports Council.


2016 Attended ITF Congress, Budapest, Hungary

2016 ITF World Cup - Budapest, Hungary. ITA & Quin TKD coach. Ireland finished 2nd overall with 15 gold, 13 silver and 26 bronze medals. Quin TKD had 9 students competing, winning 13 medals; Luke Moriarty bronze in 2nd Dan Patterns, Gold -62kg sparring, Mikaella Moriarty bronze -45kg sparring, gold team pattern, gold team sparring, Shane Tuite bronze -62kg sparring, James Tuite gold -45kg sparring, Alice Larkin gold -45kg sparring, gold team pattern, gold team sparring, David Varela bronze team sparring, Katelyn Hehir bronze team sparring, Joanna O'Sullivan bronze -55kg sparring. 

2016 Organising committee member for IUC, Citywest Hotel, Dublin, conducted by the ITF Tournament & Umpire Committees

2016 Attended AETF congress in Tampere, Finland. 

2016 AETF European Championships, Tampere, Finland. National Team coaching panel, Ireland finished 4th overall with 5 gold, 8 silver, 8 bronze. My student Luke Moriarty achieved bronze with male junior team pattern, silver -62kg male sparring junior and gold male junior team sparring. My student Joanna O'Sullivan achieved silver with junior female team pattern. 

2016 ITA Dublin Open Championships, 1st place 4th - 6th Dan Patterns

2016 ITA Cork Open Championships, 1st place 4th - 6th Dan Patterns

2015 ITA Irish Cup, 1st place 4th - 6th Dan Patterns

2015 AETF European Championships, Scotland, Bronze in 4th - 6th Dan Patterns, member of coaching team for Team Ireland, Ireland took home 6 gold, 5 silver and 12 bronze medals finishing 4th overall. My personal students Joanne Potter (bronze junior female team pattern and bronze junior female team sparring) and Luke Moriarty (quarter final individual sparring -62 and junior male team) also competed. 

2015 Attended AETF Congress in Motherwell, Scotland during AETF European Championships

2015 ITF World Championships, Jesolo, Italy, attended 23rd ITF Congress meeting. Ireland chosen as host for 2017 ITF World Championships. 

2015 ITF World Championships, Jesolo, Italy, Silver 4th - 6th Dan Patterns, National Team Coach, Ireland finished 4th overall with 5 Gold, 6 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. Two of my personal students competed; Joanne Potter Silver in Junior female team pattern, Luke Moriarty, bronze in junior male team pattern. 

2015 ITA Dublin Open, Gold 4th - 6th Dan patterns

2015 Attended the 100th IIC with the ITF technical committee in Aberdeen, Scotland

2015 ITA Cork Open, Gold 4th - 6th Dan patterns

2015 INTA Open Gold 4th - 6th Dan patterns

2015 Attended Open Dutch  as coach - Alice Larkin Gold sparring, Joanne Potter Silver Sparring, Joanna O'Sullivan Bronze sparring

2014 Attended AETF European Cup in Budapest, Hungary as coach for ITA and Quin TKD. ITA finished 2nd overall out of 30 countries. My clubs Quin TKD had 9 students competing with Mikaella Moriarty bronze in Pattern, Bronze in Sparring, Alice Larkin Silver Sparring, Aidan Morris Bronze Sparring, Luke Moriarty Bronze Sparring, Fionn Hagon Silver Sparring, Joanne Potter bronze in sparring, bronze team sparring, bronze team pattern. 

2014 Promoted to 6th Dan black belt at IIC 92 under panel of GM Lan IX, and Masters O'Toole VIII & Douglas VIII. 

2014 Attened 92nd IIC in Dublin Ireland, lead by ITF Technical Committee of Grandmasters Marano, Bos & Lan. 

2014 Competitor and Coach at AETF European Championships, Riccione, Italy, 3rd Place 4th - 6th Dan Patterns, 2nd Place Team Sparring. Ireland finished in 3rd place overall with 6 Gold, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. My personal students also medaled, Joanne Potter Silver in -55kg junior female sparring, bronze in team pattern, Nicole Moriarty, bronze in 1st Dan junior female patterns, bronze in team pattern. 

2014 ITA Dublin Open International 1st place 4th - 6th Dan patterns

2014 Attended Master Per Andresen VIII Dan Business & Technical Seminar and member of organising committee

2014 Attended seminars with Sabum Stephen Tapilatu

2014 ITA Cork Open International, 1st place 4th - 6th Dan patterns

2014 Stepped down as ITA Umpire Chiarperson, Elected as ITA Tournament Administrator

2013 ITA Irish Cup International, 1st Place 4th - 6th Dan patterns

2013 Competitor and Coach at ITF World Championships in Benidorm, Spain. Competited in 4th Dan Pattern (quarter final). Ireland won 10 Gold, 6 silver and 11 bronze medals, finishing 2nd overall from 58 countries. Junior female team won best overall and Ellen Ince won best overall female. 2 of my own students competed on the junior female team. Joanne Potter Gold in Team pattern, gold in team sparring and Nicole Moriarty Gold in Team pattern..

2013 Attended ITF Congress in Benidorm, Spain

2013 Appointed Chairman of the ITF Communications and Marketing Committee by the ITF Board of Directors

2013 Attended Polish TKD Summer Camp in Biala Podlaska.

2013 Competitor and Coach at European ITF Taekwon-Do Championships in Sweden. Competed in IV-VI Dan pattern and team sparring, also part of coaching panel. Ireland won 18 medals, 5 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze. My student Nicole Moriarty also competed in junior female individual patterns as well as on the junior ladies team.

2013 Awarded by the Irish Martial Arts Commission as an IMAC Volunteer Ambassador in recognition of work in the development and promotion of martial arts in Ireland

2013 ITA Cork Open Championships, 1st place 4th - 6th Dan Patterns

2013 Participated in the 78th IIC, Tralee, Ireland under the ITF Technical Committee of Grandmasters Marano, Bos and Lan.

2013 Organised the 78th IIC with the ITF Technical Committee as part of the ITA organising committee, held in Tralee, Ireland

2012 Appointed as a national team coach for the ITF Ireland Taekwon-Do Team

2012 ITA Irish Cup, 4th - 6th Dan patterns, 1st place

2012 Competitor and Coach at ITF World Cup, Brighton, England, Bronze in team pattern. Also competed in team sparring (quarter final), -71kg sparring (quarter final) and individual pattern IV-VI Dan (quarter final). Several of my students competed; Nicole Moriarty Gold individual pattern, Silver team pattern, Aine Cregan, bronze individual special technique, silver team pattern, Tim Forde (my original instructor, trained by me for this event) Gold team sparring, Silver individual pattern, Joanne Potter, bronze team sparring. Also competing from my club Quin TKD were Laura Cullen, Emma Moriarty, Sarah McMahon and Sean Dixon. 

2012 Attened ITF Congress in Brighton, England

2012 Attended the IUC in University of Limerick, Ireland.

2012 Organised ITF Umpire Course (IUC) in Univeristy of Limerick, Ireland with ITA organising committee, attended by 180 ITF members from 18 countries, largest ITF umpire course in history of ITF. Also hosted ITF for historical meetings regarding new ITF tournament rules, GM Bos and ITF Tournament and Umpire Committee members.

2012 Attended IIC under ITF technical committee (GM Marano, GM Bos, GM Lan) in Scotland

2012 Attended AETF Congress at European Championships, Slovenia

2012 Represented Ireland at AETF European Championships Slovenia, 3rd place IV - VI Dan Pattern, also competed in Team sparring. 3 of my students competed, Aine Cregan and Nicole Moriarty Silver in junior female team pattern and Ms . Laura Cullen, bronze in senior female team pattern.

2012 INTA Open Championships 1st Place IV Dan Pattern, 1st place -71kg sparring

2012 ITA Cork Open 1st place IV Dan Pattern, 2nd Place -71kg sparring

2012 Assisted in production of ITA strategic plan

2011 ITA Irish Cup 2011 1st Place IV Dan pattern, 2nd place -71kg sparring.

2011 Attended AETF Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia

2011 Represented Ireland at AETF European Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia, competed in Individual Pattern 4th - 6th Dan, Team Sparring, Team Power, Team Special Technique and Team Pattern. Two of my students, Laura Cullen & Nicole Moriarty took bronze in III Dan Pattern and team sparring and a Gold in Junior Team Pattern respectively.

2011 Represented Ireland at ITF World Championships New Zealand. Silver in Individual Pattern 4th - 6th Dan, Bronze in Team Sparring.

2011 Attended ITF Congress in Wellington New Zealand

2011 INTA Open 1st in III - VI Dan Pattern, 1st in -71kg sparring

2011 Attended IIC in Tralee, Ireland, under ITF Technical Committee (GM Trajtenberg, GM Marano, GM Bos)

2011 Organising Committee member for IIC held in Tralee Ireland, hosted by Irish Taekwon-Do Association

2010 Completed CDPI Tutor Training Course 

2010 Completed policy document "How to host & organise an ITA Dan Testing" for the ITA

2010 Represented Ireland at the ITF European Championships, Skovde, Sweden. Bronze in Team Sparring. Also competed in team pattern, special technique and power.

2010 Elected as ITA Umpire Chairperson & as member of ITA Technical and Instruction Committee

2010 Created "Parents Guide to ITA Tournaments" Document in conjunction with Mr. Adrian Byrne

2009 Captain of Irish Team ITF World Championships, Mar del Plata, Argentina, Bronze team pattern, Bronze team sparring

2009 Attended 16th ITF Congress, Ashtor Hotel, Mar del Plata, Argentina

2009 INTA National Championships, 1st pattern, 3rd sparring

2009 Promoted to V Dan Black belt by ITF technical committee, GM Marano IX, GM Trajtenberg IX, Master Bos VIII

2009 Attended IIC under ITF technical committee(GM Trajtenberg, GM Marano, GM Bos) in Benidorm, Spain

2009 Completed 1st Aid Course with Irish Red Cross

2009 Member of Irish Team ITF European Championships, Benidorm Spain. Gold in Team Pattern event. Also competed in Team; Sparring, Special Technique, Power and in individual IV Dan Pattern

2009 INTA Open International Championships - Silver -71kg sparring, Bronze IV Dan Pattern

2009 Gold at RITA Leinster Open  - Black Belt Patterns

2008 Qualified as CPR and Defibrillator (AED) Instructor, certified by the HSE and Irish Heart Foundation

2008 Competitor and Coach at 3rd ITF World Cup, Riva del Garda, Italy

2008 ITA Kingdom Open, 3rd/4th Dan Patterns 1st, -71kg sparring 1st

2008 Completed International Instructors Course under ITF Technical Committee - Master Marano, Master Trajtenberg and Master Bos, Dublin Ireland

2008 Completed ITF International Umpire Course under Master Katz VII, Master van de Heuvel VII and Mr. Otteson VI, in Cologne, Germany

2007 Completed Irish Sports Council Code of Ethics and Child Protection Awareness Seminar

2007 ITA Irish Cup, -71kg Sparring 3rd Place, IV Dan Pattern 2nd Place, Team Pattern 1st Place, Team Sparring 3rd Place

2007 Examiner to Scoil Mhuire Taekwon-Do Club (voluntary after school programme)

2007 TKD Alliance Open, III - IV Dan patterns 1st Place, -70kg Sparring 1st Place

2007 St. Joseph's Tulla Taekwon-Do Club as an after school programme on voluntary basis for 1 year

2007 II ITF European Cup, Finland, Team Pattern 1st Place

2007 Certified as ITF International Umpire Class 'A'

2007 9th Italian Open, Terracina, 3rd - 6th Dan Pattern 1st Place, Combined Team Pattern and Sparring Event Event 2nd Place

2007 ITA Dublin Open Championships, Pattern 1st, Sparring 2nd

2007 Completed NCDP Level 1 coaching course, recognised by Irish Sports Council

2007 Viking Cup International, Skovde, Sweden, 3rd place III-VI Dan Patterns

2006 Became member of ITA Examiners Panel & Technical and Instruction Committee as well as Midwest Taekwon-Do regional testing panel

2006 Certified as ITF International Instructor

2006 Completed Child Protection Awareness Seminar through Dept. of Education

2006 Irish Cup International - 1st place III-VI Dan Patterns, 3rd Place -71kg Sparring, 2nd Place Team Pattern

2006 Compiled Technical Syllabus and Training Manual for the ITA in conjunction with Mr. Byrne & ITA Technical Committee

2006 Compiled ITA National Policy for Young People in conjunction with Ms Kinsella, Ms L Cullen and Ms R Cullen

2006 2nd ITF World Cup Benidorm Spain - 2nd Place IV- VI Dan Patterns, 1st Place Team Pattern, 3rd Place Traditional Sparring

2006 2nd ITF World Cup Benidorm Spain - Coach to Female Senior Team - Bronze Team Pattern

2006 Completed Umpire Course & Seminar, Dublin - Master Wim Bos VIII Dan

2006 Trained for 1 week in MKS Lewart Lubartow with Mr. Jerzy Jedut VI Dan

2006 Promoted to IV Dan Black Belt by ITF Technical Committee

2006 Completed International Instructor Training Course (England) under Master Hector Marano VIII Dan, Master Pablo Trajtenberg VIII Dan, Wim Bos VIII Dan, Master Tran Trieu Quan VIII Dan, ITF President

2005 ITC Midwest Open Championships 1st place Pattern and 1st place Sparring

2005 AITA South Eastern Championships - 1st place Pattern and 1st place Sparring

2005 Viking Cup International, Skovde, Sweden - 3rd place III & IV Dan Pattern

2005 Completed International Instructor Training Course under Master Hector Marano VIII Dan, Master Pablo Trajtenberg VIII Dan, Wim Bos VIII Dan, Master Tran Trieu Quan VIII Dan, ITF President in Dublin Ireland

2005 Certified as ITF Umpire Class "B"

2005 1st European Cup, England - 1st place III Dan Pattern and 2nd place Team Pattern

2005 Conferred with B.Sc. in Physical Education with Geography, 1st Class Honours from the University of Limerick

2005 Italian Open, Terracina 2nd place Pattern and 3rd place Team Pattern

2004 AITA National Championships - 1st place Pattern, 1st place Sparring, 1st place Special Technique, 2nd place Power

2004 IUTF Open International - 1st place Pattern

2004 ITF Vs. WTF Team Event Winners

2004 AITA South Eastern Championships – 1st place Pattern, 1st place Sparring, 1st place Special technique and 2nd place Power

2004 Member of the Irish Coaching Panel for Junior ITF World Championships Riccone, Italy, Silver (2), Bronze (1)

2004 Completed International Instructor Training Course under the ITF Technical Committee in Rimini, Italy

2004 Competed in -71kg Sparring and 3rd Dan Patterns at the 1st Taekwon-Do World Cup in Orlando, Florida, USA

2003 Elected AITA Secretary General & Executive Committee Member

2003 Received Community and Sport award for outstanding achievement in Sport

2003 INTA International Open – 3rd place Pattern and 2nd place Sparring

2003 AITA National Championships – 1st place Pattern, 1st place Sparring, 1st Place Power

2003 Promoted to III Dan Black Belt ITF

2003 ITF European Championships, Croatia – 1st place Team Power also competed in -63kg Sparring and III Dan Pattern

2003 Completed Occupational 1st Aid Course with Red Cross

2003 ITF World Championships – 1st place Team Pattern and 1st place Team Power, also competed in -63kg Sparring

2002 AITA National Championships – 1st place Pattern and 1st place Sparring

2002 RITA South Eastern Championships – 1st place Sparring

2002 RITA Open, Galway – 3rd place Sparring

2002 Completed International Instructor Training Course under Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan in Dublin, Ireland

2001 European Championships Benidorm, Spain – Member Irish National Team & competed in 1st Dan Patterns, -63kg Sparring

2001 TAI Best of the Best – 3rd place Pattern, 1st place Sparring and 1st place Team Sparring

2001 AITA South Eastern Championships – 1st place Pattern and 1st place Sparring

2001 ITF National Championships – 1st place Sparring

2001 INTA International Open – 2nd place Sparring

2001 Promoted to II Dan Black Belt ITF

2000 Coach for the AITA (2000 – 2005)

2000 East Vs. West AITA Team Event Winners

2000 TKD Ireland Open Championships 2nd place Sparring

2000 Scotland vs Ireland (select) team event

2000 Intervarsity Taekwon-Do Championships – 1st place Sparring

1999 Completed International Instructor Training Course under General Choi Hong Hi and GM Choi Jung Hwa in Dublin, Ireland

1999 Munster Open Taekwon-Do Championships – 1st place Pattern and 1st place Sparring

1999 AITA National Championships – 1st place Sparring, 1st place Pattern

1999 Taekwon-Do Sport Championships, Scotland – 1st place Sparring and 2nd place Team Sparring

1999 IUTF Cork Open – 1st place Sparring

1999 Promoted to I Dan Black Belt ITF

1998 TKD Open Championships 1st place pattern 2nd place sparring

1998 IAMA Open – 1st place Sparring

1998 CTS Championships 1st place Sparring

1998 Cork Open Taekwon-Do Championships - 2nd place Sparring

1997 IAMA Open Championships - 1st place Pattern and 1st place Sparring

1996 Taekwon-Do International Open Championships - 3rd place Sparring

1996 RITA Open Taekwon-Do Championships - 1st place Sparring

1994 AITA National Championships - 1st place Sparring

1992 Commenced training


Career Highlights as International Competitor:

2015 European Championships, Motherwell, Scotland Bronze 4th – 6th Dan patterns

2015 World Championships, Jesolo, Italy Silver 4th – 6th Dan Patterns

2014 European Championsips, Riccione, Italy, Bronze 4th – 6th Dan Patterns

2012 World Cup, Brighton, Bronze Team patterns

2012 European Championships, Slovenia, Bronze 4th – 6th Dan Patterns

2011 World Championships, New Zealand, Silver 4th – 6th Dan Patterns, Bronze Team Sparring

2010 European Championships, Sweden, Bronze Team Sparring

2009 World Championships, Argentina, Bronze Team pattern, Bronze Team Sparring

2009 European Championships, Spain, Gold Team Pattern

2007 European Cup, Gold Team pattern

2007 Italian Open, 1st Patterns, 2nd Team pattern & team sparring

2007 Viking cup, Sweden, Bronze Patterns

2006 World Cup, Spain, Silver 4th Dan patterns, Gold Team pattern, Bronze Traditional Sparring

2005 Viking Cup, Sweden, Bronze Patterns

2005 European Cup, England, Gold Patterns, Silver Team Patterns

2005 Italian Open, silver patterns, bronze team pattern

2003 European Championships, Croatia, Gold Team Power Test

2003 World Championships, Poland, Gold Team Patterns, Gold Team Power Test


1999 Scottish Open, Gold Sparring, Silver Team Sparring