Selection Process

Current Coaching & Management Team

  • Master Mark Buckley VII - National Team Director
  • Master Tim Forde VII - Manager
  • Mr John Moriarty III - Manager
  • Master Stephen Cooley VII - Coach
  • Mr. Adrian Byrne VI - Coach
  • Mr. Stephen Ryan VI - Coach
  • Mr. Luke Laffan IV - Coach
  • Mr. Paul King I - Coach
  • Mr Stephen Smullen V - Assistant Coach
  • Mr Gerry Mooney IV - Assistant Coach 
  • Please note all communication with the national team coaches and management must be made through

Selection Process 2019 Worlds & Euros

  • For World Championships 2019 the winner of the ITA National Championships 2018 for cadets and seniors will be the 1st choice selection if they meet all other criteria outlined and are eligible. All other slots will be selected by the national team coaches. 
  • For Euros 2019 all slots will be chosen by the national team coaches taking the items outlined below into consideration, this includes attendance at squads, performances and championships at home and abroad etc.
  • Those going forward for selection must write to the national team coaches and managers ( through their instructors stating which divisions which they wish to contest by the given deadline. This is mandatory so that coaches know exactly which pool of competitors they are considering for selection. 
  • For World Championships 2019 you must email your expression of interest by September 14th 2018
  • In the case that a division is won by a non-eligible competitor (e.g. International, non ITF Ireland, member/club/association not in good standing etc) the coaches will choose the 1st person under the same criteria as the additional places in that division
  • Applicants must be a minimum of 14 years of age and a 1st Dan on the first day of the competition.
  • Black tags who intend on grading in December and wish to apply may also do so.
  • Application of interest does not guarantee you a position on the team.

Criteria for selecting 2nd and 3rd places:

  • Performances and results at national tournaments in previous 12 months
  • Performances and results at International Opens/World Cup in previous 12 months
  • Performances and results at Euros & Worlds
  • Progress over last 12 months and potential for improvement
  • Participation and attendance at squad training and commitment to Team Ireland
  • Coaches may choose to have a fight off/scored match between the competitors in circumstances where they deem it neccessary
  • Coaches have the flexibility to offer places to competitors in alternative divisions to those they initially put themselves forward for if they feel it is in the best interests of the competitor and team Ireland

Squad Training Dates:

All Squad training dates can be accessed here

Important Document to Download:

Competitor Agreement Form

Equipment Order Form

Dress Requirements

Additional Notes on selection:

  • This criteria applies to patterns and sparring but not other disciplines as the heights for special technique and boards for breaking are usually modified and lower than Euros/World requirements. Coaches will chose the competitors for those disciplines
  • Applies to divisions with 2 or more people eligible for selection
  • Does not apply to merged divisions
  • Competitors must compete in the divisions in which they are going for selection.  However coaches may choose to offer places to competitors in a different category as outlined above.
  • 1kg allowance applies for sparring divisions
  • Red belts cannot compete in black belt divisions
  • Dan grades going for selection in patterns at a higher grade than they currently hold (i.e. if they plan to grade during the campaign) should compete in the division which they intend to be selected
  • Those selected must pay deposit (amount tbc) to the national team account to confirm their place
  • Those selected will be provided with an order from for dobok, tracksuits and sparring equipment sizes which will need to be returned to the Team managers by the required date. All orders must be made on this form.
  •  Team members will be required to sign for their equipment when they are receiving it, ensuring they receive what they ordered. Dobok/Equipment will be available to collect at one of the squads. If the team member is not present at the squad they must nominate an individual to collect and sign for their equipment on their behalf. This person must be made known to the team managers in writing prior to collection.
  • Those selected must give email address and phone number to managers on selection. Juniors must also supply email and phone number of parent/guardian. 
  •  Q&A sessions will be built into squad training at end of sessions to allow parents/guardians and personal coaches of competitors (especially juniors) to communicate directly with coaches and managers about logistics of trip, costs, ordering equipment, training progress etc. 

All those who wish to be considered for national team selections must have the following in their possession:

  • A valid ITF black belt certificate and ID card (must be IRE to represent Ireland). If you do not, please contact the Secretary General of your association, as appropriate, regarding ratification or replacements.
  • A valid passport
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal insurance
  • European Health Insurance Card
  • Full set of ITF approved equipment of the brand of our sponsor (It is recommended that you have a set of red and blue gear) 

Fees and payments:

  • All those wishing to be considered for selection must:
  • Pay the appropriate deposit by the given deadline
  • Pay instalments by the given deadlines
  • Pay 10 Euro per squad training session to help cover the costs of renting the facilities, hiring vans to transport mats etc. 

At the start of each campaign all competitors must follow the following procedure to be considered eligible:

  • Write to the ITF Ireland national coaching and management team ( by the given deadline to confirm their intention to be considered for selection 
  • The fully completed competitor agreement form and registration form must be emailed to the managers as part of confirming selection. The application form must contain all the required personal information and the events that they wish to be considered for.
  • The competitor’s instructor must sign the application form.
  • In the case of juniors, a parent must sign the form also.
  • If a competitor does not contact the coaching and management team by the given deadline it will be assumed that they do not wish to be considered for selection.
  • Pay the deposit by the given deadline

During squad training all competitors are expected to follow the following procedure:

  • Be punctual and arrive early for sessions in order to set up (put down mats etc)
  • Pay the appropriate training fees at the start of each session
  • Start each session by formally bowing and following the ITF Taekwon-Do protocol
  • Wear full ITF dobok and sparring of the Team Sponsor's brand at all sessions
  • Give full effort in every session
  • Show an ability and willingness to listen to instruction and feedback and show progression from session to session
  • Keep a training diary and a notebook for feedback

When selections are being made the following procedure will be followed:

  • The competitor’s instructor will be contacted. The instructor must give their written consent for their student to be part of the national team
  • In the case of juniors parents will then be contacted and their written consent must be given for their son/daughter to be part of the national team
  • The competitor will be contacted and they must confirm if they are accepting or declining their place(s) in writing by the given deadline and by transferring the deposit (the amount will be outlined in the letter offering the competitors their place on the national team).


  • It is at the club instructors discretion who they send to squad training and to ensure they are at an appropriate level. Coaches will have the option of withdrawing someone from squad training if they are out of their depth. 
  • All instructors are asked to communicate on a regular basis with the coaches to keep them up to date on the week-to-week training of their competitor(s), their progress. If an instructor has any concerns regarding their competitor they must contact the coaches and management team at their earliest convenience
  • All instructors are welcome to attend national team training so that coaches and management can discuss their competitor’s progress and training in person
  • All instructors must give their written consent for their competitor(s) to try out for national team