"I want to quit Taekwon-Do"

"I want to quit Taekwon-Do"

At some time or another during your child’s journey in Taekwon-Do every Parent is going to hear this statement. Taekwon-Do is an activity that requires a long term commitment and children, especially aren’t hardwired that way. As a parent when I hear this from one of my own children I know they don’t really mean it. Usually what they want to say is “I want to get to the next level of this game” or ” I’d rather go to Rory’s party” or “I’m tired” or “I’m having too much fun right here”. Naturally, being a child they appreciate only immediate satisfaction.

As an adult I take a longer term view. My children practice Taekwon-Do because I understand how this training will benefit and influence them in the years ahead. A few hours a week training will help them develop healthy and constructive habits at an important stage in their lives. I want them to learn to work co-operatively, follow directions, set and achieve goals while developing healthy lifestyle habits. I want them to be confident, well-balanced and respectful. I want them to establish a healthy lifestyle early in life to protect them from the likes of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease later on.

If I can establish these lifestyle habits early on, I know my children are armed for many of the challenges life will throw at them down the road. This is what I hear when they say “I want to quit Taekwon-Do”.

Article by Mr. Terry Donnelly VI Dan

Posted by Stephen Ryan