1st ITF Convention Report

1st ITF Convention Report

The 1st I.T.F. Convention took place from Tuesday September 6th to Sunday September 11th in The Gran Hotel Bali Benidorm, Spain. The convention was attended by Master Kenneth Wheatley 7th Dan ITA President, Master Patrick O'Rourke 7th Dan, Mr. Pat Barry 6th Dan and Mr. Tim Forde 6th Dan.

As well as Ireland Masters, Instructors attended from Argentina, Canada, Germany, Italy, United States, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Nicaragua, Paraguay, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Greece, and Austria.

A total of 18 workshops and modules took place over a packed five days which included:

the 67th IIC conducted by the ITF’s Technical Committee of Grandmaster Marano, Grandmaster Bos and Grandmaster Lan,

The launch and introduction of the Taekwon-Do Kids Development Program by Master Nardizzi & Mr. Izquierdo, 

The “Do” Workshop by Dr. Janel Gauthier, Miss Joilette Tran, & Mr. Mark Banicevich.

Business Development Program by Master Per Andersen & Mr. Harry Van Schalk.

Warm Up Workshop by Master Paul Weiler.

First Aid Workshop by Mr. Francisco Mira Berenguer.

Almost 150 people attended the convention with 18 Masters in the front line of the IIC.

All the workshops and seminars were fully attended with all attendees eager to participate. Many group assignments took place over the five days with discussion often continuing over lunch breaks, dinner and beyond.

The workshop on the Taekwon-Do Kids Development Program took place over the 5 days of the Convention; it is designed to teach Taekwon-Do skills, life skills, danger awareness, and character education to young children. Over the five days a series of lessons took place consisting of a variety of activities including games, physical exercises, role playing, homework tasks, problem solving, quizzes and puzzles. Further details and information on the Program will be posted by the I.T.F. over the coming months.


Learning how to teach the “Do” workshop was designed to meet the needs of all Masters and Instructors who are committed to teaching their students moral values in addition to techniques. There was an opportunity for more experienced participants to improve their skills in teaching the Do. Whilst those new to teaching of the Do left with a wealth of practical knowledge and experience that will enable them to start teaching the Do to coloured belt students as soon as they return to their Dojang. All participants received manuals on “Teaching the Do” Focus on the Tenets of Taekwon-Do Level 1 together with a Student Manual.


The workshop on Business Development Program gave a five point code which should be the priority of how to be a successful instructor and a basic view of the key points of the instructor role, personality of the instructor and how to recruit and keep the students.


The ITF Board of Directors presented a proposed new brand that will be used in conjunction with our traditional original logo. It is hoped that the new brand will be used from January 1st 2012 in order to easily identify the Federation.


The ITF Convention was a huge success thanks to the large number of ITF members who attended which was reflected in the number of Masters and senior Instructors, the enthusiasm of all participants, the venue, organisation of the committee, plus the level and content of the workshops.

Report by Mr. Pat Barry 6th Dan 

Posted by Stephen Ryan