2 new ITA Committees - Applications Invited

The ITA Board wish to appoint 2 new committees for the association as outlined below. Those who are interested in being members of these committees are asked to email the ITA board through me at sryan@taekwondo.ie before the next ITA board meeting on January 16th. Applicants are asked to include a cover letter to outline your suitability. The ITA board feel that these two areas are key to the further development of our organisation. We look forward to hearing from you. 
1. Expansion & Merger Committee 
To be appointed by the board. One member of the board to chair the committee and up to four (4) committee members. Responsible for the strategic expansion of the association internally and by attracting clubs and instructors from other groups. Negotiating possible future mergers with other ITF Taekwon-Do Associations and the ITA. 
2. Special Needs & Inclusion Committee
Appointed by the board. Responsible for developing educational material for ITA instructors in relation to special needs and inclusion following IMAC & ISC guidelines. Exploring syllabus adaptations specific to certain special needs and to facilitate inclusion. 
Mr. Stephen Ryan
Secretary General
Posted by Stephen Ryan