54 Promoted at Winter Black Belt Test

The ITA Winter Black Belt Test took place on Sunday Dec 3rd 2016 in Ennis, Co. Clare. The ITA structure their black belt gradings to be a centralised exam twice per year for all candidates in the organisation seeking promotion to 1st degree and above. The minimum age for 1st degree in the association is 13 years old and all candidates must first pass a preliminary black belt test in their own region before qualifying for the centralised national black belt test. The ITA also structure the black belt test with 2 grading panels working simultaneously and with separate examiners for power test, special technique and for theory. Due to Ireland being a relatively small country geographically (you can drive from one side to the other in 2 hours or less) it means that we can work quite easily with all regions across the country bringing benefit to all events such as black belt tests, seminars and championships. It also helps to maintain a good standard by ensuring no club is left working on their own. 

The implementation of higher standards at the regional preliminary tests in the last few gradings has led to a higher pass rate at the centralised exam due to the level of student coming to the exam being more prepared than before. For the second central black belt test in a row the pass rate was 100% with all 54 candidates being promoted. It is worth noting that several candidates from each region did not pass the regional preliminary exam to qualify for the central test. 
The following is the list of examiners and promoted candidates:
Master Tim Forde VII
Master Mark Buckley VII
Master Adrian O'Mahoney VII
Carl Smullen V
Anne Marie Kinsella VI
Panel 2  
Master Pat Barry VII
Master Stephen Cooley VII
Niall Jones VI
Adrian Byrne VI
Brian Coughlan VI
Master Kenneth Wheatley VIII
Stephen Ryan VI
Power/Special Technique  
Master Patrick O'Rourke VII
Derek Hanlon IV
Grading Narrators  
John Moriarty III
Jack Sheehan III
Promoted Candidates:
Name Surname Club Promoted to
Ka Lok Tsang Blanch 1
Kevin Kapunan Blanch 1
Andrea Crncevic Blanch 1
Aaron Hollywood Blanch 1
Uisce Hagon Cork ITA 1
Eoghan Myers Cork ITA 1
Hollie O'Sullivan Cork ITA 1
Sean Andrews Cork TKD 1
Colin Fennessy Ennis 1
Jake O'Loughlin Ennis 1
Shona Duffy Ennis 1
Chou Nam Lin Ennis 1
Thomas O'Luanaigh Ennis 1
Clodagh Monahan Ennis 1
Liam Moran Ennis 1
Ben Harnett Ennis 1
Amr Sayed Ennis 1
Gary Heslin Ennis 1
cian douglas inspiration taekwon-do 1
Leard Xheladini Newlands 1
Erin McBride Newlands 1
Kerrie Keenan Northstar 1
Brian Daly Northstar 1
Jessica Williams Shannon 1
Lee Deegan Shannon 1
Jack Martin Shannon 1
Zoe Merriman Shannon 1
Ellie Pyke Shannon 1
adam hassett waterfordtipperaryitf 1
Adam Elder Rivervalley 1
Ben O'Brien Rivervalley 1
Craig Walsh Rivervalley 1
Ben Keogh Donabate 1
Claire Roseingrave Barefield TKD 2
Aoife Omahony Cork ITA 2
Fionn Hagon Cork ITA 2
Dean Carthy North Mon TKD 2
Philip O' Gorman Northstar 2
Shane Tuite Quin 2
Aidan Morris Quin 2
Joanna O'Sullivan Quin 2
Adam Merriman Shannon 2
Michelle Pyke Shannon 2
Ching Man Shannon 2
Teresa Keith waterfordtipperaryitf 2
Helen G Finglas Rivervalley 2
Ciara Fitzsimons Rivervalley 2
Federico Mazzola Rivervalley 2
Shane Diffley Rivervalley 2
Eoin O'Connor Dalkey 3
Gerard O'Rourke Blanch 4
luke laffan waterfordtipperaryitf 4
Laura Ryan Quin 5
Posted by Stephen Ryan