55th IIC, Budapest, Hungary

55th IIC, Budapest, Hungary

On the weekend of 3rd – 5th September a small group from the Irish Taekwon-Do Association travelled to the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary for the 55th International Instructors Course (IIC) with the ITF Technical Committee hosted by the Hungarian Taekwon-Do Federation led by Master Harmat László. The IIC was held in the Corvinus University Sportshall not too far from the Hotel Flamenco where the majority of IIC participants were staying. Prior to the IIC each day we were treated to a hill climb to get to the IIC venue. It actually worked a treat as we required a less vigorous warm up once the IIC began!  On Friday evening 3rd September at 2.00pm Grandmaster Trajtenberg officially opened the 55th IIC in Budapest. 160 participants from various parts of the world took part. Those in attendance observed a moments silence, as a mark of respect, for Grandmaster Tran Trieu Quan who was so tragically taken away from us during the Haiti Earthquake last January. Afterwards Grandmaster Bos then began the warmup with some excellent and enjoyable footwork exercises which got everyone in the mood for the weekend ahead.

It never fails to impress me the continued enthusiasm of Grandmasters Marano, Trajtenberg and Bos when they teach at the IICs having taught 55 up to and including this one. Over the weekend they covered the Tuls from Chon-Ji to Tong-Il and the proper execution of movement within each. The Grandmasters placed a lot of emphasis, throughout the weekend, of understanding the applications for the movements being performed in Tuls and sparring (3, 2 & 1 Step) actually trying them out with a partner to get a sense of how they work and how they can be utilised better. The also placed emphasis on how we should move between techniques i.e. being relaxed and proper use of sine wave in order to maximise the potential benefits of each technique.

Over the weekend they also covered the Theory of Power, various warmup exercises, types of sparring etc. The Technical committee were assisted by Master Weiler  8th Degree who spoke to us, during his session, on the proper execution of various exercises and stretching exercises used in Taekwon-Do. During one of the sessions Master Tadeusz Loboda, President of the AETF,  took us Red Belt to 3rd Degrees while the Seniors worked on their patterns. He and his assistant showed us some excellent self defence techniques from simple grabs. He demonstrated or should I say, his assistant demonstrated them on Master Loboda with great amusement from those around including Master Loboda himself. At the end of the IIC, the Masters in attendance, including our very own Master Wheatley, presented the IIC Certificates to the participants. As we were staying in Budapest until the day after the IIC we took the opportunity to visit some of the sights of this beautiful city.

I would like to thank my fellow ITA members, who travelled to Budapest, for a weekend that will stay with me forever including some great photo opportunities with the Grandmasters at the IIC. Also it would be remiss of me not to thank the Grandmasters Marano, Trajtenberg and Bos for another great IIC.

While I have this opportunity, in writing this report and having attended 7 International Instructor Courses to date with the ITF Technical Committee, I would appeal to those 2nd Kup Red Belt and higher to avail of the upcoming IIC being organised by the Irish Taekwon-Do Association for 28th – 30thJanuary 2011 in Tralee. We are being given the honour and opportunity to host 3 of the greatest ITF Taekwon-Do Instructors in the World in Grandmaster Hector Marano, Grandmaster Pablo Trajtenberg and Grandmaster Wim Bos. Having attended 7 IICs to date with them I have always and will still learn something new from them. I am really looking forward to them returning to Ireland in January 2011. Invitation and information is available from this website and from ITA Instructors. 

Report by Michael Clune, 2nd Dan

Posted by Stephen Ryan