Applications Invited - National Team Personnel

The ITA Board of Directors invite applications for the following national team personnel positions. All applications are to be emailed to Mr Ryan, ITA Secretary General at by Friday December 8th. Applications must be accompanied by a written statement/cover letter, a CV may also accompany the application. A description of roles & the process is outlined below. 

Positions: National Team Director, Head coach, Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Assistant Manager. 

The following is an outline of the process by which we intend to appoint the officers/staff who will conduct the direction, coaching and management of the ITF Ireland National Team (hereafter National Team) commencing January 2018.

The board of directors of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association (hereafter ITA) will appoint one of it's members to be the National Team Director. Any directors (including the President, Vice President, Secretary General and Treasurer) who wish to take up the position will prepare a written statement in advance of the meeting at which the selection will take place outlining their suitability against the criteria listed below. During the meeting itself they will absent themselves from all discussion around the appointment of the Director and will agree to support the appointee should they be unsuccessful in their application. Those present shall agree the most qualified candidate for the role and notify the applicants directly and immediately.

The full board of directors will then consider any and all applications for the position of Head Coach to the National Team. This consideration will take account of the views and opinions of the National Team director in the first instance and the views of the remaining board members in the second instance. Due consideration is to be given to each applicant, based on their application, their previous experience and the knowledge held by the board members regarding their capabilities. The applications for the Head Coach position will be in writing and submitted in advance of the meeting to the Secretary General. Sufficient time is to be given to allow candidates to prepare an application outlining their suitability against the criteria listed below.

Following on from the selection of the National Team Director and Head Coach, the following positions can be advertised. 4-6 coaches, 0-4 assistant coaches, 1-2 managers. A suitable time frame will be allowed for the completion of an application form, and preparation for interview.

Selection of coaches, assistant coaches and management will be on the basis of interview or application at the discretion of the selection panel. The selection panel will consist of:

National Team Director

Head Coach

Board Member

Qualified external (to the board and national team)


The National Team Director will be the ITA director reporting to the ITA board on the actions of the National Team, Coaches and Management including but not limited to:

• Oversee the work of the coaches and management

• Provide financial oversight over the National Team Accounts

• Work with management to negotiate sponsorship agreements

• Be the final arbiter in discussions/decisions of the national team coaches and managers

• Advocate for the National Team at board level and at the AGM

• Work between the ITA Board and the National Team to coordinate the calendar of events and the National Team training programme

Desirable Qualities/Skills

• Strong diplomacy skills

• Group management

• Problem solving

• Availability on training dates

• Commitment to the success of Team Ireland

• Lack of personal/club bias

• Seniority (age/grade)

Head Coach

The head coach will:

Coordinate the overall training programme in conjunction with all team coaches

Oversee the work of the team coaches

Liaise with the director, management & ITA board and the team as necessary

Be the final point of arbitration on all issues relating to the team

Must attend all squad training sessions unless extraordinary circumstances prevent it

Chair meetings, planning & review sessions of team Ireland personnel

Must show a complete lack of bias in selecting & training of team Ireland athletes

Team coaches:

National team coaches will:

  • Design the overall training programme

  • Coordinate, design & implement specific training programmes for each discipline

  • Attend all squad training sessions unless extraordinary circumstances prevent it

  • Actively coach at each squad training session, ensuring to communicate with athletes and be available for consultation discussion & advice to athletes

  • Be willing and able to coach all ITF Taekwon-Do disciplines to an elite level

  • Attend all meetings relating to coaching, planning, reviews etc relevant to team Ireland

  • Show a complete lack of bias in selecting & training of team Ireland athletes

Team Manager (s)

Team management will be responsible for the following and will divide the workload equally between them at the start of each campaign and work together to make sure all relevant tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner

  • Booking of all national team training venues once dates are confirmed by the coaches

  • Ensuring all venues booked are reasonably priced, of adequate size and suitable for national team training

  • Ensure an adequate number of mats and appropriate equipment are present at all team Ireland training sessions

  • Coordinate the transport of mats & equipment to and from all team Ireland training

  • Work with the national team Director to secure sponsorship of equipment for national team personnel & athletes

  • Ensure all athletes receive the official dobok, sparring equipment & teamwear in a timely fashion

  • Coordinate the ordering of all teamwear, doboks, sparring equipment etc needed for national team at the beginning of each campaign

  • Create a budget for athletes & the associations to be presented at the beginning of each campaign

  • Oversee the budget & accounts for team Ireland and send a report of accounts to the ITA board through the team director at regular intervals

  • Issue receipts for all payments received and keep all athletes, parents, team Ireland personnel & associations up to date

  • Ensure that all transport, flights & accommodation are booked in a timely and cost saving fashion

  • Liaise with the head coach & director to communicate all selection letters, training dates, training plan etc at the beginning of each campaign

  • Coordinate communication to athletes, parents, coaches etc via email, phone, whatsapp


Posted by Stephen Ryan