Black Belt Grading

Black Belt Grading

The Call Sheet for the Black Belt Grading Summer 2012 is now available to download here: Call Sheet

Saturday the 16th is for those testing for 2nd Dan and higher and candidates need to arrive by 11.30am at the latest to complete registration. The grading will commence at 12 noon. Sunday the 17th is for those testing for 1st Dan and candidates need to arrive by 10.30am at the latest to complete registration as the grading will commence at 11.00am. 

ITA wish to invite applications for the Summer Black Belt Grading which will take place on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June 2012. Please read this bulletin carefully to ensure you are aware of all requirements and details. 

The deadline for applications to be sent to the Secretary General, with fully completed documentation is Wednesday 30th May 2012 

  • The venue for the grading is Rathcoole Community Centre, Rathcoole, Dublin (click here for more info)
  • ITF Bylaws in link below outline the the requirements for applying for each Dan grade. Please read them carefully to ensure those applying meet the criteria.
Please ensure the following is emailed to the Secretary General when applying to test:
  • ITA Black Belt Cert Application (all applicants from the club/school to go on this form)
  • Individual ITA black belt grading application form
  • Portrait photograph of candidate saved in GIF format (ITF online Database only accepts this format)
Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Please ensure the following fees are paid to the ITA treasurer on the day of the grading in cash or cheque/draft made payable to ITA, those who do not have all fees and documents will not be allowed to test. These fees may also be paid in advance by sending to ITA Treasurer, Mr. Kevin Kinsella, 13 Iniscarraig, Ennis, Co. Clare:

  • 1st Dan = 80 Euro  ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 130 Euro
  • 2nd Dan = 120 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 170 Euro
  • 3rd Dan = 160 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 210 Euro
  • 4th Dan = 240 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 290 Euro
  • 5th Dan = 320 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 370 Euro 
Minutes of Examiners Conference 2011

Black belt Application form (club form)

Individual application form

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