Coaching Ireland FETAC Accredited!

Coaching Ireland FETAC Accredited!

Coaching Ireland has received FETAC Registered Provider Status and has received a parchment from FETAC which recognises a Quality Assurance Agreement between the agencies, which entitles Coaching Ireland to offer FETAC awards. This will facilitate Tutor and Coach Education run as part of the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland (CDPI) to be aligned with the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). This is a major step that will offer many benefits to TAekwon-Do instructors and coaches in terms of having their years of coaching and ongoing coach education validated and accredited within the National Coaching Framework. Click "more" to see how this will benefit qualified Taekwon-Do coaches.

Once in place, the benefits of this work are many:

• For tutors and coaches, the courses they complete will focus on the coaching knowledge and practical skills they need in their day-to-day coaching; and the awards they receive will be credited against the NFQ, allowing them to add this learning to their portfolio in this era of lifelong learning.
• For NGBs, the courses they offer will be clearly validated by a statutory education awarding body; and the QA policies and procedures they operate will be of the highest standards
• For Coaching Ireland and the sports system, the tutor and coach education in Ireland will operate to the highest standards; and will be subject to review and continuous improvement.

On going Coaching Ireland work, with its partner NGBs, will include:
• Leading the FETAC Sport, Recreation and Coaching Standards Group, as it migrates sports awards currently in the FETAC system into the FETAC Common Awards Format (at NFQ levels 1-6). New awards will be developed following this process.
• Engaging with FETAC on ensuring that the CDPI Tutor Development Courses are validated.
• Engaging with NGBs on agreeing QA policies and procedures so that they can also become FETAC registered centre's or service providers.
• Engaging with NGBs on validating the tutor/coach education courses they deliver inline with the agreed QA policies.
• Engaging with HETAC to ensure QA policies and procedures are agreed; and coach/tutor awards are aligned with the higher (6-10) levels on the NFQ.

This is a fantastic milestone in the recognition of coach education and qualifications for all instructors and coaches involved with sports council recognised sports in Ireland and is another significant step in the evolution of our path in both Taekwon-Do as a martial art and sport.

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