Coaching Ireland Forum

Coaching Ireland Forum

Coaching Ireland’s 10th All-Island Forum “From Playground to Podium” will take place on 11th September 2010 and is open to all TAB / IMAC / Irish Sports Council registered Coaches. The title for this year's forum is “From Playground to Podium” and it promises to be the most exciting and challenging event of its kind to date.
Workshops will be delivered in the following areas:
•    Coaching Children
•    Club Coaching
•    Developing Talent
•    Performance Coaching
•    Women in Coaching

The structure of the event allows you to select topics relevant to you and those you coach. The keynotes and workshops will be delivered by National & International experts, with practical knowledge and experience of dealing first hand with real coaching issues. These workshops will focus on the LISPA Phases – Active Start, Fundamentals and Learn to Play and Practice (Physical Literacy). For further info click "more" or visit

Coaching Children:

Developing basic movement and motor skills; using play activities to develop the basics; moving onto sports specific skills; how multi-sport involvement can be implemented in communities; appropriate competition; laying the base for life-long physical activity and healthy lifestyle; and the coach’s emphasis and role.

Club Coaching:
These workshops will focus on Participation, with links to Train to Train & Train to Compete, involving adolescent and adults in competitive sport.

This strand will examine: Planning for the club player/athlete (for example, those doing 2 training/1 event a week); catering to a wide range of participants goals; developing the Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental, Lifestyle capacities appropriate for the club player/athlete; working with assistant coaches; and the development of a positive environment for the support of club coaches.

Developing Talent:

These workshops will focus on the Train to Train and early Train to Compete Phases of High Performance pathway in the LISPA Framework.

This strand will examine: Talent identification and development (the performers and the coach); planning programmes to grow Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental, Lifestyle and Personal capacities; appropriate competition; career development; individual performer support and the support team; liaison between personal / club coaches and national development / performance coaches.

Performance Coaching:
These workshops will focus on the late Train to Compete and Train to Win Phases of High Performance pathway in the LISPA Framework.

This strand will examine: Optimising player / athlete capacities; planning; the 24 hour performer lifestyle; the support team; and the coach’s role in programme development, monitoring and systems building.

Women in Coaching:

This strand will examine: Women in coaching, identifying practical solutions to issues women face in playing a coaching role. Ideas made practical include: leadership, developing coaching experience, career planning for female coaches and developing female coaches.
Conference Sponsors:

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