Final bow to Grand Master Tran Trieu Quan

Final bow to Grand Master Tran Trieu Quan

On 21st March 2010 in Quebec, Canada there was a memorial service celebrating the life of Grand Master Trân Triêu Quân. Over 200 participants attended the ceremony and Ireland was represented by Master Kenneth Wheatley, Irish Taekwon-Do Association President. Much assistance in organising the event was given by Professor Janel Gauthier, a close friend of the Trân family. Among the invited guests were; Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg, Acting ITF President, Master Paul Weiler, ITF Vice President, Mr. Russell Macllelan, former ITF President.

Europe was well represented in showing our respects to the Grand Master. In addition to Master Wheatley also in attendance were; Master Tadeusz Łoboda, AETF President , Master Per Andresen, NTN President, Master Per Christian Garnaes, Norway, Master Mark Hutton, Scotland and Mr. Harry van Schaik from the Netherlands.

The ceremony covered various topics from the Grand Master's life and times. The first speaker was Mr. Russell MacLellan, who was ITF Vice President to General Choi before the general’s death and ITF President for a time following the general’s death. He spoke about the contribution Grand Master Tran made to the development of ITF. The next speaker was Master Tadeusz Łoboda, board member of ITF and President of the All Europe Taekwon-do Federation (AETF) and Polish Taekwon-Do association (PTA). The third speaker was Master Per Andresen, he spoke about how Grand Master Tran had encouraged him and his association to rejoin our ITF. Finally Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg, Acting ITF President spoke about the legacy left behind by Grand Master Tran and of his determination to continue his work.

Master Evan Davidson, president of the ITF New Zealand presented members of the Tran family with a memorial album showing photographs of Grand Master Tran’s time in New Zealand.

During the ceremony, photos and video footage from Grand Master Tran’s life were shown. It showed both his Taekwon-Do and his family life. Particularly moving was the final speech of Grand Master Tran’s children; Joliette, Cecilia and Nicholas. After the ceremony there was a gala dinner with the Tran family.

Photographs of the cermony are courtesy of Mr. Krzysztof Selwa and Ms. Małgorzata Rogaczewska.

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