IIC England Report

IIC England Report

The ITA was represented by Mr. Pat Barry VI who attended the 70th IIC which took place in Hertfordshire, Watford, England from Friday January 27th to Sunday January 29th inclusive. The IIC was hosted by Master Thomas Denis and attended by over 240 people including 10 Masters. Master O’ Toole and Master Douglas from the I.N.T.A. participated in the IIC.

The first section of the IIC took place on Friday evening and the opening ceremony was conducted by Grandmaster McCallum.  The IIC then got under way with Master Jedut from Poland starting a very intense warm up before handing over to the the ITF’s Technical Committee of Grandmaster Marano, Grandmaster Bos and Grandmaster Lan. Many people were amazed that Grandmaster Bos was in attendance and playing an active role throughout the IIC just a short few weeks after major surgery. For the remainder of the first session the participants were given a detailed breakdown of the colour belt patterns.

On Saturday there were two full sessions and throughout the day participants were split into groups according to grade and kept busy with Patterns and Kicking Drills. Over the weekend all patterns were covered in detail, along with various self-defence techniques, 1, 2, & 3 step sparring and sparring strategies and drills.

Fourth Degree and higher had an early start on Sunday morning with Yon-Gae, Ul-Ji, Moon-Moo, So-San, Se-Jong and Tong-Il Tuls given a detailed breakdown by Grandmaster Marano. He also said how proud he was and how good it was to see so many 6th degree and Masters doing Tong-IL at an IIC. Grandmaster Bos also spoke with members from 4th Degree and higher and gave us an insight into future competition and  rule changes which will enhance the sport side of Taekwon-Do as a spectacle. The ITF Technical Committee made everyone feel at ease and all participants were amazed at the amount of pattern detail and fantastic knowledge which the Grandmasters possess.

At the end of the IIC participants had an opportunity for photographs and autographs with the Grandmasters.

Once again all participants left the IIC invigorated and motivated to continue working hard on all aspect of Taekwon-Do.

Posted by Stephen Ryan