Irish Squad Announced for Euros '12

Irish Squad Announced for Euros

Following clarification today from the AETF regarding the rules of this year's European Championships, the coaching and management team are pleased to announce the squad to represent Ireland.  The squad has been selected from the people who competed in the Irish Cup and from people who attended the two selection sessions in January.  The squad is as follows:

Junior Male
I Degree Pattern: Tiarnan Moriarty, Alex Plamadeala, Adam Foley
II Degree Pattern:  Jamie Williams

-52kg Sparring:  Ryan Shelley, Rostik Ivanchuk, Dylan Murphy
-58kg Sparring:  Jamie Williams, Alex Plamadeala, Michael Boylan
-63kg Sparring:  Colm Carroll, Dylan Fitzgibbon
-70kg Sparring: Adam Foley

Team Pattern:   Jamie Williams, Adam Foley, Alex Plamadeala, Tiarnan Moriarty, Dylan Murphy

Team Sparring:  Adam Foley, Jamie Williams, Alex Plamadeala, Colm Carroll, Michael Boylan, Dylan Fitzgibbon

Junior Female
I Degree Pattern: Sarah Lehane, Nicole Moriarty, Tricia Collins
II Degree Pattern:  Chloe Aboud

-45kg Sparring:  Niamh O'Sullivan
-55kg Sparring:  Chloe Aboud, Tricia Collins
-60kg Sparring:  Sarah Lehane
+60kg Sparring: Anne Marie Torsney, Kelly O'Donovan

Power: Anne Marie Torsney

Special Technique:  Chloe Aboud, Aine Cregan

Team Pattern:   Sarah Lehane, Tricia Collins, Chloe Aboud, Nicole
Moriarty, Niamh O'Sullivan, Aine Cregan 

Team Sparring:  Sarah Lehane, Chloe Aboud, Tricia Collins, Anne Marie Torsney, Kelly O'Donovan, Niamh O'Sullivan

Team Power: Anne Marie Torsney, Kelly O'Donovan, Katie Cooke

Team Special Technique:  Chloe Aboud, Anne Marie Torsney, Sarah Lehane, Aine Cregan

Senior Male
I Degree Pattern: David Lynch
II Degree Pattern:Luke Laffan
III Degree Pattern: Stephen Smullen
IV - VI Degree Pattern:  Stephen Ryan

-54kg Sparring:  Eddie Dillon
-71kg Sparring:  Hong Looi
-80kg Sparring:  Darren Smith
+80kg Sparring: Shane O'Rourke

Team Pattern:   Stephen Ryan, Stephen Smullen, Danny Dillon, Jamie Rigney, Richard Forde, Luke Laffan

Team Sparring:  Ross Smith, Darren Smith, Stephen Ryan, Stephen Smullen, Hong Looi, Richard Forde

Senior Female
I Degree Pattern: Katie Laffan
II Degree Pattern:  Naomi Coonghe
III Degree Pattern:  Laura Cullen

-52kg Sparring:  Katie Laffan
-58kg Sparring:  Louise McCagh
-63kg Sparring:  Sabina Mason

Power: Agnieszka Aziewicz

Special Technique:  Louise McCagh

Team Pattern:   Laura Cullen, Naomi Coonghe, Shakira Coonghe, Katie Laffan, Agnieszka Aziewicz, Louise McCagh

Team Sparring:  Louise McCagh, Sabina Mason, Bianca Pantel, Agnieszka Aziewicz, Naomi Coonghe, Shakira Coonghe, Katie Laffan

Team Power:     Katie Laffan, Naomi Coonghe, Agnieszka Aziewicz, Shakira Coonghe

Team Special Technique:  Louise McCagh, Katie Laffan, Naomi Coonghe, Agnieszka Aziewicz

This is an exciting squad and represents the outstanding talent that was available to the coaching team for this year's European Championships. As well as a number of familiar faces from previous campaigns, there are a number of very exciting juniors making their competitive debuts and a number of juniors who have successfully made the transition to senior.

Congratulations to all those selected and to their clubs and instructors who have developed them to this point.

Please give all of the competitors along with the coaching and management team your every support during the coming months.

Yours in Taekwon-Do

Kevin Hannigan

Director of Coaching

Posted by Stephen Ryan