ITA AGM Report 2015

ITA AGM Report 2015

The Annual General Meeting of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association, the National Association for ITF Taekwon-Do in Ireland, took place in the Horse & Jockey Hotel, Co. Tipperary on Sunday the 11th January. The AGM was attended by 42 instructors from around the country.

During the AGM, the activities of the association in 2014 were reviewed. 2014 was a very successful year which saw the expansion of the association, record numbers in attendance at tournaments and more success at an international level for the Irish National team.

President’s Address by Master Kenneth Wheatley:

“On behalf of the Board of Directors I welcome and thank everyone for coming to today’s Annual General Meeting of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association. We welcome Master Frank Murphy who recently joined the ITA and is indeed flourishing with his new Taekwon-Do family. Welcome Sir.

Before we move into 2015 I feel we should reflect upon and of course celebrate the activities of 2014.I will mention only some of the activities as there were so many during the year.


At the 92nd IIC in Dublin Mr. Kinsella, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Byrne, Mr. Rigney and Mr. Coughlan were all promoted to 6th degree. Our congratulations and job well done gentlemen.

At the same IIC Master promotions were awarded to Master Tim Forde, Master Terry Donnelly and Master Paul Delea. This promotion I would suggest to be the achievement of a lifetime in Taekwon-Do. Congratulations also to our new Masters.

At the ITA summer black belt grading 35 candidates promoted to their next levels and at our winter black belt grading no less than 46 candidates promoted with a 100% success rate achieved on the second day of testing. Quite an indicator of the level of competence attained by those who presented for their 1st degree promotions.

Another milestone achievement during the year for the ITA was the publication of the second edition of our syllabus manual written by Mr Byrne and Mr Ryan which gives our Instructors a very powerful tool to enhance the progression and education of their students.

Our tournaments have evolved and grown, with record attendances through the support of our instructors and their students. We are now also attracting international participants, again another indicator to the levels of professionalism achieved by the organisers and indeed everyone involved.

• The ITA Dublin Open 600 plus competitors with visitors from Norway, Scotland, Canada, Czech Republic and Italy. 
• ITA Cork Open 600 plus competitors from 35 clubs in Ireland and visitors from Scotland and Germany
• ITA Irish Cup UL 600 plus competitors and again with visitors from Italy, Netherlands, Spain and England.

Internationally our squads continue to excel winning many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and with the Irish team ranking in the overall top places. Incredible results and the fruits of countless hours of dedicated preparation, our compliments to the competitors, coaches, managers and supporters. Also due to the success of the National Team we have attracted sponsorship at National Team level from both Top Ten and Mighty Fist, two of the approved vendors to the ITF.

With thanks to our business committee we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Business Development & Technical Seminar with Master Per Andresen VIII Dan from Norway. A very informative seminar and interesting the approach to running an association and schools.

Our Strategic Plan comes to it’s end of term this year and I believe we have been very successful in achieving the goals set out thereupon. Many of the tasks have been completed and some are in process but will come to fruition during 2015.

As I mentioned earlier there were many events and activities during 2014, events and activities which have taken the ITA to new levels of competence and professionalism.

I am privileged to have the opportunity to commend the efforts and commitment of our Board of Directors and our working committees. The individuals involved offer their support and effort, give their precious time and proactively seek to continually improve the very existence of our association. Our professionalism, our growth, our individual and collective successes are not accidental; the activities, efforts and drive of our Board, working committees, instructors and individuals play a considerable role in getting us to where we need to be.

To those persons involved I offer my gratitude firstly as President and secondly as an individual whose fortune has placed them in what has evolved into the hugely progressive and successful Taekwon-Do association that it is today.

I am excited to welcome the coming year, as you will again see from our calendar of events 2015 will be a very busy year for the ITA, but with the support of our Taekwon-Do community, Instructors and Individuals I am of firm belief it will again be a hugely successful year for the ITA.

Thank you and I wish you very good fortune for 2015.”

List of those elected for 2015:


ITA Board of Directors:
President: Master Kenneth Wheatley VII Dan
Vice President: Mr. Mark Buckley VI Dan
Secretary General: Mr. Stephen Ryan VI Dan
Treasurer: Mr. Kevin Kinsella VI Dan
Director: Mr. Adrian Byrne VI Dan
Director: Mr. Stephen Cooley VI Dan
Director: Mr. Adrian O'Mahoney VI Dan
Director: Master Pat Barry VII Dan
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ITA Committees and Officers:


Plans for 2015 were discussed and many proposals were brought forward and voted upon by the instructors in attendance. Among the changes voted through on the day, the ITA technical committee was expanded, with Master Kenneth Wheatley being elected as technical director with Mr Niall Jones, Mr Stephen Ryan & Mr Hong Looi also being elected to the committee. v The calendar of events for 2015 was finalised, a busy year which will include coaching courses, umpire workshops, three ITA tournaments, summer camps, technical seminars, national team training, World Championships and European Championships.


The membership once again returned the same board of directors to govern the association for 2015, with Master Wheatley elected as President of the association, Mr Mark Buckley as Vice-President, Mr Stephen Ryan as Secretary General and Mr Kevin Kinsella as Treasurer. Mr Stephen Cooley, Master Pat Barry, Mr Adrian Byrne and Mr Adrian O’Mahoney were also elected to the board.

The AGM concluded at approximately 5pm with a brief examiners meeting. Overall the AGM was a very positive meeting, and we look forward to another very busy year ahead.

Report by Mr. Carl Smullen IV Dan, ITA PR Officer

Posted by Carl Smullen