ITA Annual Report 2012

ITA Annual Report 2012

The ITA Board of Directors are happy to present the Annual Report of Activities for 2012.


2012 has been a fantastic year of growth and success for our organisation, the ITA now has almost 90 schools across Ireland, with many schools opening internally due to initiatives by the board of directors in terms of financial and marketing support and many instructors and schools being attracted to ITA in the last 12 months from other organisations, attracted by our success, our focus on the membership, democratic structure and professional events.

2012 saw the ITA launch of our strategic plan, which outlines our goals and objectives for the next 4 years and has already seen benefits for the organisation since its implementation in January.

It was also a year of great success on the international stage with many European Medallists, a very successful IUC and of course ITA being ranked number 1 association at the ITF World Cup in Brighton.

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Posted by Stephen Ryan