ITA Continues to Grow

ITA Continues to Grow

The Irish Taekwon-Do Association continues to grow and now has a membership of 88 schools across Ireland. The year 2012 has seen massive growth in the organisation, due to a number of key factors. In January 2012 the ITA board of directors launched our strategic plan. This plan outlines the key objectives of the association from 2011 to 2015, it was created by our members and therefore is designed to serve our members.

As part of this strategy the ITA board lanched the expansion support package 2012. This package was a tremendous success and saw new schools opening with support structures in place in terms of fanancial aid, marketing and mentoring. Exisitng schools were also able to avail of marketing support through the business committee, lead by Ms. Cullen and did so in large numbers. These types of initiatives clearly show that the ITA is focused on supporting its members and investing funds into developing ITF Taekwon-Do in Ireland.


Being an instructor in the ITA comes with certain expectations and all ITA instructors are required to be Garda (Police) vetted, through IMAC as ITF Taekwon-Do instructors, 1st aid certified, child protection certified, complete  ITF Taekwon-Do coach education through TAB & IMAC and have ITF certification as black belts and instructors. All ITA instructors now realise that these are not obstacles that are put in their way in ITA but opportunities to upskill themselves and that this sets ITA and its instructors apart from all other Taekwon-Do organisations. When someone joins an ITA club they are guaranteed a certain level of professionalism and instructor qualification that they will not find in any other group. The ITA continues to grow and attract instructors who are interested in being part of Irelands largest Taekwon-Do organisation and in 2012 we welcomed a number of new instructors from other organisations to our Taekwon-Do family. These instructors were attracted to ITA because of its democratic and professional structure, the high level of tournaments, the quality of events nationally in terms of technical seminars, umpire training, instructor workshops, examiner training and black belt gradings as well as top quality international events such as IICs and IUCs being organised and hosted by ITA.

The ITA expansion support package is still available for a number of weeks, therefore we enourage those contemplating opening a school to apply now. Instructors from other organisations interested in talking to us about joining ITA please email ITA Secretary General, Mr. Stephen Ryan, your enquiy will be dealt with in strict confidence. 

Posted by Stephen Ryan