ITA Cork Open Report

ITA Cork Open Report

The 2010 ITA Cork Open Championships which ran on Sunday 21st February was a great success. Due to the efforts and experience of the tournament director and promoter Mr. Mark Buckley 6th Dan the event attracted 374 junior and cadet competitors and some of Ireland’s most senior instructors representing all major ITF Taekwon-Do groups in Ireland.

Special mention must go to the ITA Tournament & Umpire Committee for an exceptional job in scheduling and operating 5 competition areas with rotating ring councils to avoid breaks. Mr. Richard Park the Tournament Administrator and Mr. Stephen Ryan the Chief Umpire did excellent work to support the ring councils in getting up to 45 mins ahead of schedule on all rings which resulted in the competition finishing at 4.30pm sharp!



As always the competitive level in the rebel county was high with plenty of Ireland’s junior and cadet talent showcasing their skills. On behalf of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association (ITA) we would like to thank all the instructors, coaches, umpires, competitors and supporters for their part in a wonderful day of ITF Taekwon-Do in Cork.

On the day a crystal presentation was made to Cork’s own ITF World Champion Dylan Fitzgibbon for his outstanding international achievements capped with winning the junior -63kg ITF World Title in Argentina 2009 and being a wonderful ambassador for ITF Taekwon-Do in Ireland. A specially commissioned coaching award was presented to Mr. Stephen Cooley for his outstanding contribution to coaching ITF Taekwon-do in Ireland at National and International level.

Irish Taekwon-Do Association (ITA) competitions are non-political, open ITF Taekwon-Do events. Taekwon-Do instructors interested in participating in well organised events with a high technical and sporting level are welcome to attend.

2010 ITA Cork Open Results


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