ITA Umpire Course Report

ITA Umpire Course Report

An ITA Umpire course took place on Sunday November 2nd in North Mon Taekwon-Do. Over 50 members from all over the country took part in the free course which was conducted by the ITA Tournament & Umpire Committee and led by ITA Umpire Chair Master Pat Barry.

The course which followed the ITF Umpire rules and regulations began with an overview of the jury members, referees and umpires before going onto the purpose and procedures of the individual pattern point deducting system.   

The participants then had an opportunity to umpire and judge a number of pattern matches which took place in two rings which raised a number of practical queries and discussions on criteria, scoring and decisions. After lunch the course continued with sparring competition and the rights and duties of the centre referee, corner umpires, jury president and the ring assistants. The participants once again had an opportunity to umpire sparring matches using the electronic scoring system. The centre referees displayed how to check the competitors safety equipment and continued to show the full procedure of starting the match with the correct bowing in protocol at the start and finish of each bout. The competitors and sparring matches created and displayed various scenarios to ensure that an explanation of all the warnings and fouls could be explained and discussed.


All participants eagerly engaged with the content of the course and it was very rewarding to see colour belts, Black Belts and senior grade members from the ITA including Master Wheatley, Master O’ Rourke, Master Forde, Master Murphy, Master Barry, Mr Ryan, Mrs Ryan and Mr Coughlan working and advising our up and coming umpires.

On behalf of the ITA Tournament and Umpire Committee I wish to thank everyone who travelled and participated in the umpire course and a special thank you to Mr. Jack Sheehan, Mr Dean Carthy and Mr. Jake Sheehan for their help in setting up the venue for the course.

The course was an ideal opportunity for everyone to either refresh their umpire skills or learn umpiring skills for the first time.

We look forward to seeing people putting their skills to use at our forthcoming Irish Cup in Limerick at the end of November.

Master Pat Barry   




Name Grade Club
Adam O'Shea 1st Kup Cork ITA
AJ Whelan 3rd Kup Cork ITA
Becky Buckley 1st Kup Cork ITA
Eden Debabe 1st Kup Cork ITA
Helina Debabe 1st Kup Cork ITA
Lilly McGinley 1st Kup Cork ITA
Ruth Whelan 1st Kup Cork ITA
Thomas Fogarty I Cork ITA
Darren Rigney III Ennis
David Severn II Ennis
Tim Forde VII FIT/Quin
Darragh Lawler I Greystones
Fergus Croke I Greystones
Master Kenneth Wheatley VII Greystones
Paul Moore 1st Kup Greystones
Bryan Mahon II Inspiration TKD
Gavin O' Sullivan 3rd Kup Inspiration TKD
Leonard Coughlan IV Mahon - Bandon
Sarah Sheehan II Mahon - Bandon
Master Frank Murphy VII Cahir-Mitchelstown
Aoife Barry I North Mon-Carrigaline
Audrey Keohane 1st Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Brian Reville 6th Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Callum Miloudi I North Mon-Carrigaline
Ciaran O' Neill 1st Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Dean Carthy I North Mon-Carrigaline
Dean Murphy I North Mon-Carrigaline
Eoin O' Brien 1st Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Erika Miloudi 1st Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Jack Waters 1st Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Kieran Buckley 1st Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Kelsey Ricken I North Mon-Carrigaline
Luke Griffin 1st Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Marian Disney 1st Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Pat Barry VII North Mon-Carrigaline
Patricia Collins I North Mon-Carrigaline
Saoirse Carthy 1st Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Sarah Barry III North Mon-Carrigaline
Shay Slavin 2nd Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Sophie Daly I North Mon-Carrigaline
Vladas Slabkovskis 1st Kup North Mon-Carrigaline
Stephen Geary 3rd Kup Passage
Aidan Morris I Quin
Emma Moriarty I Quin
John Moriarty II Quin
Laura Ryan IV Quin
Luke Moriarty I Quin
Orla Banting 1st Kup Quin
Rachel Banting 2nd Kup Quin
Stephen Ryan V Quin
Sean Fitzgerald I Waterford / Tipperary
Master Patrick O' Rourke VII Wexford
Padraig O' Brien II Wexford
Posted by Stephen Ryan