Jim Brophy R.I.P.

Jim Brophy R.I.P.

It is with deepest regret that I inform our Taekwon-Do community of the passing away of Jim Brophy 3rd Dan. Jim lost his battle with motor neuron disease last Thursday morning and was buried in Tramore on Saturday morning.

Jim began training in Taekwon-Do in the late 70s under Thomas Barry and was a very popular figure both locally and nationally. Later he was associated with the Mount Sion club where he brought along some fine competitors. Jim proved to be an inspirational coach to many young students due in no small part to his sense of humour and genuine compassion for his charges.

This past year, while extremely challenging, for Jim was ultimately his most rewarding. Jim married his girlfriend then celebrated the arrival of their first child, appropriately named James Jr.

The funeral on Saturday was attended by many of Jim’s Taekwon-Do friends including myself, Mr Aidan Walsh, Mr Tim Forde, Mr Mark White, Mr Thomas Barry, and Ms Ann Slocum.

At the service the priest commended Jims great courage during his battle and reminded us that “A coward dies a thousand times the brave man only once.” Jims good humour and ready wit will be much missed by all of us who had the privelige of knowing him.


Mr. Terry Donnelly VI Dan.

Posted by Stephen Ryan