Level 1 Coaching - Final Deadline

Level 1 Coaching - Final Deadline
Are you interested in a government recognised coaching qualification. Did you know that the level 1 coaching course is 100% ITF Taekwon-Do Specific. If you have any ambition to open an ITA Taekwon-Do club in the future, then you need this qualification. If you are an exisitng level 1 coach and wish to attend to refresh your skills, we will offer up to 4 complimentray places on this course for current level 1 coaches (contact adrian.byrne@coachingireland.com for more info). The final deadline for applications is April 5th and we only have a small number of places left. 
The Taekwon-Do Advisory Board will be running a Taekwon-Do Specific Level 1 Coaching Award on the weekends of 18th/19th April and 27th/28th June. This course will be run by TAB Tutors and on successful completion, coaches will be awarded a Level 1 Coaching Certificate with IMAC and Coaching Ireland accreditation. This is the Assistant Coach award on the TAB Coach Development Framework. The course will take place in Mallow GAA Complex, Mallow, Co. Cork. This course is of 24 hours duration, split over the 4 days. Exact times for each day and directions to the location will be sent to coaches directly on application. Applications with payment and certificates as detailed below must be received no later than April 5th.  
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Key areas covered on this programme include:
        • Session planning
        • Skill development and progression
        • Coaching and learning styles
        • Communication skills
        • Key factors in coaching children aged 9-12
        • Physical development of children aged 6 - 12
        • Taekwon-Do skills to 3rd Kup
        • Basic sparring skills and tactics
        • Teaching games for understanding

There is a multi-part assessment of coaches on this programme. You will be required to complete:
        • 4 Logged Coaching Sessions (Completed in your club and peer reviewed)
        • Practical assessment (on course with children aged 9-12, preplanned topics)
        • Full attendance during all presentations is mandatory

Candidates must have completed 12 months IMAC membership
Candidates must be 18 years or older when commencing the programme
Candidates must hold 1st Dan or higher
A TAB Introduction to Coaching Certificate 
First Aid Certificate
Child Protection Awareness Course attendance certificate

The cost of the course is €200 payable by cheque or order to Taekwon-Do Advisory Board

Bring Dobok, Training Shoes, Tracksuit and writing materials on all days
You may be requested to bring 1 or 2 students to the final day for the practical exam
If you have not yet completed either First Aid or Child Protection Awareness we will accept evidence that you will be attending a course prior to the weekend of 27th/28th June with your application. An email confirming this from the course coordinator would suffice. You will not receive your certificate under any circumstances until all the listed requirements are met.

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