Level 1 Report

Level 1 Report

Over the weekends of March 8th/9th and May 10th/11th a Level 1 (Assistant) coaching course was run in Blanchardstown Taekwon-Do Club under the auspices of the Taekwon-Do Advisory Board and the Irish Martial Arts Commission. 14 ITA coaches attended with 10 completing all of the course requirements and assessments. The Level 1 coaching certificate is the minimum qualification required of instructors by the Irish Martial Arts Commission before an individual can be the lead instructor in a Taekwon-Do Club, and is accredited by Coaching Ireland and the Irish Sports Council. Coaches are educated in a range of topics including; Ethics, Pedagogy, Long Term Athlete Development, Mental Fitness, Flexibility, Teaching Skills, Teaching Tactics, Inclusion, Facilitation, Planning and much more. This is achieved through a blend of facilitated coaching and debriefing, distance learning tasks, home study and lectures.  


The feedback from the coaches, as always, will be used to improve all future iterations of the course but the highlights included:


"Reflective practice is not something I'd used before following my training sessions, I'll certainly be doing this in future! I didn't realise how much valuable feedback I was missing out on."


"It's only when you go through the process of planning and reviewing a series of sessions that you really realise how much you achieved or failed to achieve. I feel like I'd been working in the dark."


"The tutors managed to balance the coaches varied coaching philosophies (more competitive, more traditional) without imposing their own preferences too much, most of the time ;) When it came down to it though the knowledge and expertise was evident"


The following have successfully completed the course and will be receiving their certificates from Coaching Ireland in the coming days:


Mr Ken Leahy

Mr John Murphy

Mr John Moriarty

Mr Eoin O'Connor

Mr Gerry Mooney

Ms Teresa Keith

Mr Dave Lynch

Mr Eddie Dillon

Mr Rodney Connolly

Mr Paul Shannon


Our thanks to Mr Gerry O'Rourke, Blanchardstown Taekwon-Do Club for the use of their venue and the support of their young athletes during the practical assessments. 


Photos of the course: https://picasaweb.google.com/IrishTKD/Level1CoachingCourse2014

Posted by Stephen Ryan