Level 2 Coaching Course

Level 2 Coaching Course


The Taekwon-Do Advisory Board is delighted to announce that we will be conducting the first IMAC Level 2 Coaching Award. This course will be run by IMAC Tutors and on successful completion, coaches will be awarded a Level 2 Coaching Certificate with IMAC and Coaching Ireland accreditation. This is the Senior Club Coach award on the TAB Coach Development Framework. The course will run on 29th, 30th, 31st July and 1st October in Shannon Taekwon-Do Centre with 5 additional contact days spaced between September 2011 and June 2012 based on the calendar of events and availability of the coaches attending. This course is of 60 hours duration, split over the 9 days. Exact times for each day and directions to the location will be sent to coaches directly on application. Applications with payment and certificates as detailed below must be received no later than Friday 22nd July.
Key areas covered on this programme include:
  • Season planning, periodization, peaking, tapering, performance profiling, goal setting
  • Motivation, anxiety, stress management, flow, emotional control
  • Key factors in coaching adolescent athletes and social adults
  • Physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of athletes aged 13-17 and of social adults
  • Group dynamics
  • Review of child protection
  • Taekwon-Do skills to 2nd Dan
  • Physical and technical progressions of kicking techniques
  • Intermediate sparring skills, tactics and strategy
  • Teaching games for understanding
  • Biomechanical analysis and coaching progressions for Special Technique
  • Advanced analysis techniques, notational, video, biomechanics
  • Physical testing and assessment
  • Peer group presentations, reflective practice, plan-do-review
  • Strategic coaching of self defence

Application form

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There is a multi-part assessment of coaches on this programme. You will be required to complete:
  • An open book exam based on the course manual (bring to Day 5)
  • Season long coaching project with peer presentation and review
  • Full attendance during all presentations is mandatory
Candidates must be 19 years or older when commencing the programme
Candidates must hold 1st Dan or higher
Candidates must have completed 12 months IMAC membership
An IMAC Level 1 Certificate
First Aid Certificate
Child Protection Awareness Course attendance certificate

The cost of the course is €500 which is paid in two installments. The first installment of €250 is payable by cheque or order to Irish Martial Arts Commission with your application no later than 22nd July. The second installment of €250 by cheque or order to Taekwon-Do Advisory Board will be paid on your arrival on contact day 5. 
Bring Dobok, Training Shoes, Tracksuit and writing materials on all days
NB: For your coaching project you will need to be directly coaching at least 2 and preferably 3 students aged 14 - 17 and grade 4th Kup to 1st Dan. If you are not the senior coach in a club you will need to get the permission of the senior instructor and the consent of the students and their parents to begin this programme.
Posted by Stephen Ryan