Master Hutton Seminar Report

Master Hutton Seminar Report

On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February 2012, Kingdom Schools of Taekwon-do led by chief instructor Mr. Adrian O’Mahoney 6th Degree, hosted a series of seminars with Master Mark Hutton 7th Degree from Scotland. The seminars were conducted in Listowel and Tralee in Co. Kerry, Ireland and were supported by 73 participants ranging from white belt to 6th Degree black belt from throughout Ireland. Some of the most notable senior grades present were Mr. Adrian O’Mahoney 6th Degree (Organiser), Mr. Mark Buckley 6th degree, Mr. Luke Laffan 2nd degree, Mr. Edward Dillon 2nd Degree, Mr. David Power 2nd Degree, Mr. Barry O’Connor 1st Degree and Ms. Sara Dillon 1st Degree


A true ambassador of Taekwon-do, Master Hutton, a 5 times European Gold Medalist is greatly respected throughout the Taekwon-do world and has inspired countless Taekwon-do practitioners for many years with his high technical and kicking ability, his enthusiastic and challenging teaching style, his in depth knowledge of the martial art, as well as his philosophy on Taekwon-do as a tool for personal and social development in modern times and a means for people, young and old, to lead good, balanced lives and to reach their full potential, both mentally and physically. For many years, Master Hutton has been a frequent visitor to Ireland to conduct seminars and has formed a strong relationship with the Irish Taekwon-do Association (ITA) and many lasting friendships have been created. Master Hutton is held in high esteem within the association and each seminar delivers challenging training and is enjoyed by all. The most recent series of seminars were eagerly anticipated and did not disappoint and surpassed all expectations.


  During the weekend 39 junior students, from white belt to red tag had the opportunity to train with Master Hutton, many for the first time. The students met each task with enthusiasm and excitement and the positivity and fun evident in the junior sessions over the two days was kicked off by original and engaging warm up games. Master Hutton concentrated on sparring drills and dynamic training for both patterns and street defence that challenged and delighted all. The self-defence techniques practiced were practical and effective and revealed to the junior participants the range and application of a variety of Taekwon-do techniques increasing their understanding of the martial art. Throughout the training, Master Hutton explained how to behave better in training and at home to improve themselves as people and as students, reminding them of the important role of the tenets of Taekwon-do in their lives as students. 34 senior participants, including grades from blue belt to 6th degree black belt took part in the seminars with Master Hutton. All present had the opportunity to experience a variety of different areas of Taekwon-do, taught in a positive and thought provoking manner testing all presenting both physically and mentally.

Master Hutton covered dynamic movements for sparring and patterns and how to move effectively when in close with turning kicks and back kicks. There was also a heavy emphasis placed on how to move with power for both patterns and self-defence. Time was spent perfecting range of movement stretching and static stretches with tension to reach a new improved level. Partner stretching and leg strength exercises were also performed and Master Hutton explained its effectiveness to get the most out of each exercise and the importance of not forgetting pain when performing these exercises but instead using it as a means to understand the limitations of your ability and how you can improve.

The main theme of the seminar was the effectiveness of the art of Taekwon-do for self-defence. Master Hutton spoke passionately about this and demonstrated its effectiveness by showing how to utilize the wide range of hand and foot techniques within Taekwon-do directed to vital spots to devastate an aggressive attacker. All participants were keen to improve their abilities to defend themselves in all circumstances and were incredibly impressed by this practical and fresh perspective and application of the Art and of Master Hutton’s knowledge and abilities in this area.

Humbly, Master Hutton tries not to demonstrate too much during the classes, preferring the training to be about the students and their abilities, often asking numerous people to demonstrate the patterns and other various techniques. Nonetheless, many participants remarked on the impressiveness of Master Hutton’s power and precision when performing various kicking exercises and technical movements, which left a lasting effect long after the seminars ended. Master Hutton conducted each session with energy, enthusiasm and positivity. Every person present was instilled with a new understanding of Taekwon-do, how it can be applied to all aspects of their lives and the importance and reward of hard work. Master Hutton spoke to all students about why they do Taekwon-do and how they can fulfill their potential and overcome their limitations. Participants were challenged in a friendly manner to ask whether they were doing enough to reach the level they want to achieve and Master Hutton’s favourite quote, “GET IT DONE!” pushed everyone to train harder, to improve on their Taekwon-do abilities and to never give up.

Master Hutton extended his sincere gratitude for everyone’s effort and to Mr. Mark Buckley for his attendance and friendship for such a long time and also to Mr. Adrian O’Mahoney for the invitation to come to Ireland to conduct the seminar and for his friendship.

 Mr. Adrian O’Mahoney commented on the reason for organizing Master Hutton’s visit:

“For me as the Chief Instructor of “Kingdom Schools of Taekwon-Do” I wanted my Instructors and students to learn from a Master who lives breathes and sleeps Taekwon-do, who wants students and Instructors alike to love what we can gain from training in and studying Taekwon-do. Of course having trained with Master Hutton personally myself and building a close friendship, I love what he brings to a class and how he inspires you to train harder.”

A special thank you to Mr. Adrian O’Mahoney and Kingdom Schools of Taekwon-do and for organising the event.

Photos of the event can be viewed on:

Report by Mr. Philip McAuliffe (ITA National PRO)


Posted by Stephen Ryan