National Coaches & Manager

National Coaches & Manager

I am pleased to announce the following appointments to the Irish Coaching and Management Team.

Team Manager - Mr. Ken Leahy, 5th Dan
Mr. Leahy has served as Team Manager to the National Team at both European and World Championships and has been instrumental in developing the professional standards that have been established for the National Team.

Assistant Team Manager - Mr. Jack Sheehan, 2nd Dan
Mr. Sheehan is an experienced umpire and manager who has amassed significant experience at European and World Cups as well as several open International tournaments.

Coach - Mr. Stephen Cooley, 6th Dan
Mr. Cooley has significant experience of coaching competitors at International, European and World Championships.  A qualified fitness coach, he has amassed considerable experience as both competitor and coach for Ireland.

Coach - Mr. Alan Troy, 5th Dan
Mr. Troy has worked with the National Team continuously since 2008 and has an outstanding track record in developing competitors to International standard and helping them achieve success at European and World Championships.

Coach - Mr. Niall Jones, 5th Dan
Mr. Jones had a long and decorated career as a competitor and has since distinguished himself with his ability to pass on this knowledge to competitors.

Coach - Mr Adrian Byrne, 5th Dan
Since his retirement as a competitor following the 2009 World Championships, Mr. Byrne has worked with the National Team to maintain the standards he set as a competitor.

I think these appointments represent an exceptionally strong coaching and management team that will develop and challenge our competitors, creating the environment that allows them to excel in International tournaments during the coming years.  I am particularly pleased that we have retained all of the existing National Team coaches and have the opportunity to further develop the structures to meet our competitors ambitions.  As a team, we look forward to working with all Instructors and Competitors to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to fulfil their competitive potential.  Please give the team every support that you can.

Kevin Hannigan, 5th Dan
Director of Coaching

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