National Team - Competitor Rankings

National Team - Competitor Rankings

The final ranking tournament for 2012 (Irish Cup) is fast approaching and all competitors seeking selection to the National Team for European Championships 2013 and World Championships 2013 should review the attached documents, which contain the current points totals. 

The basis for the calculation of ranking points is the National Team Selection Process document issued by Mr Kevin Hannigan as Director of Coaching on the 15/11/2011. At this time the following tournaments were highlighted as 'Ranking' events:

Cork Open 18/19 February 2012
European Championships 20/22 April 2012
Dublin Open 19-20 May 2012
Combined ITF Ireland Championships 2012
World Cup 4-7 October 2012
Irish Cup 17/18 November 2012

As there was no combined ITF Ireland Championships, we are required to designate another Irish competition as a 'ranking' event.  Given the date of the 2013 European Championships has been set for 3-5 May the Cork Open 2013 will also accrue points towards Euro 2013 and Worlds 2013 qualification. This will allow the team selections to be based on more current form while still allowing several months for the management to secure flights, accommodation and transfers. 

The National Team Management and Coaching Staff will announce all selection events for the 2013 World Championships in the coming weeks. 

Changes to the ITF rules (effective 1st January 3013) and the adoption of ITF rules by AETF have led to the need for some interpretation and modification of the selection criteria being necessary. The key items for now are:

Eligibility - Competitors must now be aged between 14 and 17 on the first day of competition in order to be eligible. Competitors will need to be cognisant of the championship dates as early as possible to determine which divisions they should compete in nationally. We will consider the need to be flexible in relation to some juniors, allowing them to compete in senior sections and gain ranking points towards future selection. 

3 Juniors per division/ 2 Seniors per division - Coaches will retain the final choice on second and third competitor per division. The points accrued will be decisive in many cases, however due to people moving grade, division or age category the coaches will need to exercise discretion in the final selections. For example: Jane competed in three tournaments as a junior female 2nd dan. She has won all of the tournaments and earned 9 points. After turning senior she graded to 3rd Dan. As it stands she has 6 points she can use for this division. The first ranked senior, Alice, looks certain to retain her position but her long time understudy Michelle only has 4 points. In this case we would look to Jane's form against the senior competitors with the new patterns to determine if her ability as a junior will translate to senior competition or if the team is better served by utilising the more experienced Michelle on this occasion. 

New weight divisions - We will need to employ some flexibility around which results automatically carry points toward the competitors new category. For example: John competes in -58Kg as a junior in two tournaments, -54Kg as a senior in 1 tournament and -57Kg senior in a fourth. Technically he has only 1 result within his division and only 2 could be carried from outside his category. In this instance we might determine that the two -54Kg tournaments also count as within his division. 

On behalf of the coaches and management of Team Ireland I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our competitors the best of luck in the coming events. We are very much looking forward to working with the best and brightest talent that our country has to offer and writing the next chapter in our competitive history.

Yours in Taekwon-Do 

Adrian Byrne V Dan
Head Coach

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Posted by Stephen Ryan