National Team Schedule and Notice

National Team Schedule and Notice

This week's squad session takes place in the university of Limerick sports arena at the following times

10 - 12       senior individual and team pattern (male and female). / Jnr female special technique and power

12.15 - 2.15    Junior individual and team  pattern (male and female)  / snr female special technique and power

2.45 - 4.45   Sparring (split junior / senior)
The fee is €10

Notice re. Cork Open and selection process for 2013

As you are aware, we have changed the selection process for the national team to reward continuous performance in designated selection events over the course of the year.  The purpose of this shift is to reward long term performance and ensure the continued development of the national team.  As the 2012 Cork Open represents the first ranking tournament for the squad to represent Ireland at the 2013 European Championships, any competitors who wish to be considered for the 2013 squad should compete at this event.

As well as determining individual selection, points accrued at ranking events will determine the competitors invited to try out for team events.  Only the top four competitors in each division will be eligible to attend selection events for the national team.  This means that if you wish to be considered for team pattern, you must compete in individual pattern and if you wish to compete in team power, that you must compete in individual power.

Further detail about the process is available here

If you have any questions at all, please let me know.


Kevin Hannigan

Director of Coaching

Posted by Stephen Ryan