National Team Selection Process 2012

National Team Selection Process 2012

I am pleased to announce details of the selection process for the team
that will represent Ireland at the 2012 European Championships from 20 -
22 April 2012.  The host venue for the Championships will be determined
in October and will be either Romania or Slovenia.  As has been
customary since 2009, the selection of the squad will be a combination
of performance at both competitive events and a selection tournament.
Details of the selection events and training dates up to the 2012
European Championships are as follows.

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Individual Selections

Individual senior selections and junior primary selections will be
determined at the Irish Cup on 19/20 November.  By junior primary
selection, we mean the first of the two slots available to junior
competitors.  In order for this to occur, any competitors seeking
selection for 2012 Europeans will need to compete in the division in
which they are seeking selection with the exception of grade.

This means that juniors who will turn senior in 2012 must compete in the
senior divisions and all competitors wishing to move up a weight
division should do so for the tournament.  However, competitors must
compete in the division appropriate to their grade in all sections.

This means that black belt competitors who are planning to grade at
Christmas will have the option to pre-qualify in their current division.
If somebody who pre-qualifies is promoted at Christmas, then that slot
becomes vacant and that slot (or both slots in the case of juniors) will
be determined at the sessions in January.  In the case of juniors, if
they are promoted at the Christmas gradings, they will have the option
of trying out for the second available slot at the selection sessions
(assuming the primary slot is taken).  In the case of seniors, if they
are promoted they will only be able to seek individual selection if the
slot remains vacant following the selection tournament.

In the case of uncontested divisions at either senior or junior, they
will be amalgamated as per the current practice but selection for the
event will be deferred until the January sessions.

If somebody is injured, then unless that this leads to a division being
uncontested, the winner of the division is selected and it is up to the
injured person to recover in time for the team selections (in the case
of a senior competitor) and the secondary and team selections (in the
case of a junior).

Team Selections and Junior secondary selections

These selections will take place at two selection sessions during
January namely 14 and 28 January.  Each selection session will includes
assessments in individual pattern, team pattern, sparring, power and
special technique.  Both sessions are mandatory for any competitors
seeking selection.  Competitors are free to make themselves available
for one or multiple events as part of this process.

During these two sessions, the National team coaches will make the final
selection decisions regarding any uncontested divisions, secondary
junior selections and team events.

The complete squad will be named on 28 January which allows 11 weeks
until the 2012 European Championships.

The full dates for 2012 squad sessions are:

Selection Sessions
14 January
28 January

Training Sessions
11 Feb
18/19 Feb - Cork Open
25 Feb
10/11 March - INTA Open
24 March
31 March/1 April - Dublin Open
7 April
18 April - squad departs

Depending on the composition of the squad and the teams, squad members
may not be required for all of these sessions, however, at this stage,
all competitors should block off these dates.

As is customary, the training sessions will rotate so as to minimise
travel time for competitors.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the process, please feel fee
to contact me directly either by email or phone.

Yours in Taekwon-Do

Kevin Hannigan
V Degree
Director of Coaching
086 857 0144

Posted by Stephen Ryan