National Team Training and selections for Euros 2015

National Team Training and selections for Euros 2015

National Team Training and selections for Euros 2015 

·      July 10th – all registration forms must be sent to coaches by the club instructor to by this date. Forms sent directly from competitors will not be accepted. If you are a competitor and the head instructor in a club you may send the form directly. The form must clearly indicate which individual and team positions the competitor wishes to try out for. Late registration will not be accepted.

Registration forms:



·      July 18th – National Team Training and selections, Dublin (venue tbc)

·      August 15th & 16th – National Team Training & Selections, Cork (venue tbc)

·      Sept 5th & 6th - National Team training, Midwest (venue tbc)

·      Sept 19th - Int'l fight night Dublin (more details to follow)

·      Sept 20th –Dublin (venue tbc)

·      Oct 10th & 11th – National Team Training, Cork (venue tbc)

All competitors trying out for individual sparring positions must indicate one division on their registration only. All competitors will be weighed at the first session and are expected to be within 5% of their chosen weight. This will be monitored at each session. Those not within 5% of their chosen category weight will be either moved to another section or de-selected. More information on this and about the nutrition plan for competitors will be given at the first session.

Training is open to all ITF Ireland members red belt and above

Each session costs 10 Euro. This is to be paid at the start of each session. This goes towards covering the costs of insurance, hall rental, van rental etc.

Everyone is expected to arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of the start time to set up the venues, lay mats etc.

A schedule of payments will be issued by the managers asap. All competitors must pay the deposits on time, according to the dates outlined by management.

Posted by Stephen Ryan