National Team World Championship Selection

National Team World Championship Selection

Training and selection for the ITF Ireland National Team to compete at the next ITF World Championships in Jesolo, Italy commences in January. The full squad will be finalised by March. 

Please take note of the dates below. All venues for training are currently provisional but will be confirmed asap. Please note to be considered for selection you must follow the criteria at this link: team-59.html

In order to be considered for selection you must complete all of the following documents and bring the hard copy to the first squad training session on January 25th. All of these forms are to be brought fully completed regardless of whether you have been on the national team before or are new to the selection process:

Additional Forms:
The purpose of the questionnaire's is to help the coaches build a profile of each competitor. These forms will be dealt with in confidence between the athlete and the coaches. 
If you have any queries related to the national team they should be sent to 
Red belts are welcome and sessions cost 10 euro per day. 
Training and selection dates: 

National Team Training

January 25th

Dublin( Clondalkin, TBC…)


Jan 31st & February 1st   

Basketball Arena, Tallaght

National team training

February 8th

Cork (North Mon AG)

ITA Cork Open International

February 14th & 15th

Neptune Stadium, Cork

National Team Training

March 1st

Midwest, Milford NS, TBC

National team training

March 14th and 15th

Clondalkin, Dublin TBC

ITA Dublin Open International

 March 28th & 29th 

National Basketball Arena, Dublin

National Team Training April 12th  Regional Session

National Team Training

April 25th and 26th

Midwest, Milford TBC

National Team Training

May 9th and 10th

Cork, North Mon AG TBC

National Team Training

May 24th

Clondalkin, Dublin TBC

World Championships

May 27th - 31st

Jesolo, Italy


Posted by Stephen Ryan