National Training Session In Cork

National Training Session In Cork

Saturday May the 7th in Glanmire Community College set the scene for the first I.T.F. Ireland squad session for the European Championships and what a day it was to be.

50 Members from both the I.T.A. And the I.N.T.A. eligible for the national team turned up for the session and even students not yet quite ready were there to train with competitors of World and European standard.

Starting at 12.00 pm the juniors arrived eager to train as Mr Alan Troy had the special technique equipment set and ready to go. There was to be no rest for any of the candidates as those not participating in that discipline would be working with Mr Niall Jones  who was covering team patterns and Mr Stephen Cooley covering individual patterns.As Mr Troy carried out stretching exercises and plyometrics with the special techniques giving all the candidates an opportunity to improve their performances, Mr Jones tried various  team compositions taking notes of how each variation performed as a unit.

Meanwhile the waiting candidates were treated to individual instruction from the very experienced instructor Mr Stephen Cooley.

Both junior and senior, male and female students got the same opportunity and notes were taken galore as the race begins for places on the national team for Slovakia.

A Quick Lunch Break And Back For More!

When all candidates completed the special technique, individual patterns and team patterns it was time for a quick lunch break and off to work again.

Before the session began Mr Leahy give a brief introduction to the coaching team and an overview of how the selection and information relating to training and competition going forward was to be relayed.

This done it was time for Mr Stephen Cooley to do what he does best and in no time at all he had the students pounding up and down the floor. Drills, bag work, attacks, counter attacks and evasive techniques brought the sweat out through the fittest of candidates but all relished in the challenges put before them.

Mr Cooley finished with several bouts of sparring and when 6.00 pm arrived every student on the floor realised that they had performed admirably and worked extremely hard for the six hours.

A super training day where all coaches got involved in every aspect of Taekwon-Do helping the students and other coaches in the different disciplines proving that the desire for success is instilled in the coaching and management team.

Well done to all involved and roll on the next session!

Report by Mr. Ken Leahy V Dan, National Team Manager 

Posted by Stephen Ryan