New ITA Training Manual in Stock

New ITA Training Manual in Stock

The 2nd Edition of the ITA student training manual is finally here! 

While the manual looks familiar from the outside (it's still the 'Black Book') all 132 pages are completely reworked in full colour, with all fundamental movements demonstrated by ITA instructors and Irish National Team members. 

Some updates include:
Revised and updated grading syllabus
All theory and terminology sections revised
New ITF tournament rules reflected
Glossary of technical terms
Glossary of sparring terms
English/Korean and Korean/English dictionary

This is an essential training tool for all ITA colour belt students and is available from your instructor at €20. A special discount is available for Instructors and you can arrange to collect the manuals at various ITA events by email Mr. Stephen Ryan at 

Here is a link to a sample chapter


Some sample pages from the book:


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