Open Dutch 2015 Report

Open Dutch 2015 Report

A big congratulation to all competitors who participated in the recent Open Dutch on 18th Jan 2015. Thank you to Master Willy van de Mortel and Mr. Henny van Zon for their warm hospitality and yet another well organised tournament. This year we have entries of 630 competitors from 18 countries, including new addition Nepal, who arrived on the morning of the competition. We have a big team from Ireland, with competitors from Killester, Rivervalley/IMAA, Cork, Limerick/Shannon, Quin and supporting parents.

The competition was held in the same location for the past few years called "Naestebest" stadium, in the city of Best, very close to Eindhoven airport. The weigh in was done the evening before in the same competition hall. The tournaments were run in two big halls, black belts in one hall and colour belts in the second hall. This year, all rings both patterns and sparring used the electronic systems.In youth female pattern - 1st Kup, Isabel Lehane and Sarah Jane O’Halloran took the 1st and 2nd place respectively. In the senior male pattern 3rd degree, Jamie Williams showed good strength and power in the patterns, taking the gold, after battling four rounds. In the senior female pattern 1st degree, Sarah Lehane took the silver after 3 rounds, before losing to eventual winner from Germany. Hannah Rose took the 3rd place in high jumping special technique your female.

Ireland showed an extremely high standard in the sparring divisions. Alice Larkin and Isabel Lehane won the gold and silver in the youth female 1st Kup -150cm. In youth female 1st Kup -140cm, Eillie Pyke got the silver, losing to winner from Netherlands, while Vadim Vorobyov took the bronze in youth male 1st Kup -170cm in a large group of 15 competitors. In the youth female black belt -150cm, Ciara Fitzsimons took the gold, while in the -160cm, Joanna O’Sullivan took the bronze.

In the junior male black belt -56kg, Luke McGrath took the gold, beating England, Irish compatriot Dean Murphy (bronze), and Netherlands in the final. In the junior female black belt -55kg, Jenny Lehane won the division, beating Luxembourg, Spain and Irish compatriot Joanne Potter in the final (silver), obtaining the gold. In junior male 1st kup -62kg, Patrick O’Connor took the bronze.

In the senior male black belt -57kg, Jamie beat nemises from Italy Gold, after 3 rounds. Sarah Lehane won the senior female black belt – 62kg, after 4 rounds, beating Netherlands in the final. Katie Moriarty obtained the silver medal in the senior female black belt -68kg, after 3 rounds. We apologise in advance if we have missed out on anyone, who has also medalled in this competition. A massive thanks to the competitor’s supporting parents and coaches. A special thanks to organiser Master Willy van de Mortel and Mr. Henny van Zon for their invitation and warm hospitality.

For the full results, you can find this on the link Dutch 2015/News/Artikelen/2015/1/21 Results Open Dutch 2015.html

There are also some photos made by several photographers, which we have found on the net. Find yourselves!

1. Dutch 2015/News/Artikelen/2015/1/21 Photos from Open Dutch by Duncan Epping..html


Congratulations to all winners; you are on the right track. To all the non-winners in this competition, do not be disheartened. Take this competition as a good experience to future tournaments. As we were once told, 學如逆水行舟,不進則退 i.e. Learning is like rowing against the current, if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward. Work hard in silence; let your success be your noise.

-Mr. Hong Looi V Dan and Ms. Sabina Mason IV Dan.

Posted by Stephen Ryan