Sabum & Sahyun Training

Sabum & Sahyun Training

On Sunday 22nd November 2015, I.T.A Masters and Instructors met at the  Dojang  of Mr Hong Keat Looi and Miss Sabina Mason for Sabum and Sahyun training.

The Dojang at St. Conleth and St Mary's Primary School, Newbridge, Co. Kildare was the perfect venue for the training session and the class format thoroughly prepared by the hosts.

The session  began with those present  taking a warm up, skilfully prepared and presented by Mr Looi which ensured everyone was sufficiently supple for what was to follow.

The warm up was followed by plenty of stretching routines, mobility exercises and again every aspect was monitored and corrected by Mr looi while walking around the class ensuring each and every one was getting the maximum benefit from each routine.

Kicking drills followed and it has to said that Mr Looi demonstrated each and every one of them in a manner consistent with a true international athlete showing his vast experience with his true passion for Taekwon-Do shining through.

Lots of sparring drills after the kicks and it turned out to be as much fun as it was beneficial but this was again as a result of the excellent format and tuition.

For the last of the session it was time for patterns led My Master Kenneth Wheatley with input from Master Patrick O’Rourke and Master Paul Delea.

From Yong-Gae to Tong-Il each senior pattern was practiced and dissected numerous times until all techniques were corrected and all happy with the performance.

Sunday afternoon was a time to relax when all walked to a local cafe. This was a great hour of conversation and laughter before we left for home and agreed that it was a super session and planned for another one in the near future.

A special word of thanks must go to our hosts for such a wonderful day of training and a rare opportunity of socialising together.

Article by Mr Ken Leahy VI Dan

Posted by Stephen Ryan