Schedule for Irish Cup 2015

Schedule for Irish Cup 2015

Please find the schedule for the 2 days of the ITA Irish Cup at this link

All participants are asked to arrive by 9.15am each day. Instructors/Coaches must pay the registration at the main table and collect your team schedule/stickers. Competitors collect schedule/stickers from instructor/coach. 

All cadets and seniors must weigh in on arrival. Anyone who does not make their weight will be recategorized into the next category. 

All 13 and under competitors on the Sunday will have their height checked against the registered height as they are eliminated from patterns. If you are not competing in patterns please go to one of the rings to get your height checked. Only those with their height checked may compete in sparring. If the registered height does not match with the height checked on the day the competitor will be recategorized. 

Umpire meeting will take place at 9.30am each dat. Umpires please arrive for 9am and sign in at the head table. 

We will start promptly at 10am each day. 

Looking forward to an excellent championships with over 600 competitors and several countries taking part. 

Mr. Stephen Ryan

ITA Tournament Co-odrinator. 

Posted by Stephen Ryan