Schedule for National Selection Session Jan 14

Schedule for National Selection Session Jan 14

The first selection session for the squad to represent Ireland at the 2012 European Championships takes place this Saturday, 14 January in Glanmire Community College, Cork from 10.30 - 4.00.  The purpose of the session is to assess and select competitors for places in both individual and team events in the squad to represent Ireland at this year's European Championships which take place in Slovenia from 19 - 22 April.

The session will run according to the following timetable

10.30 - 11.30   Junior male pattern / junior female power and special technique
11.30 - 12.30   Junior female pattern / senior male and female power and special technique
12.30 - 1.30    Senior male and female pattern /  junior male power and special technique
1.30 - 2.00     Break
2.00 - 4.00     Junior and senior sparring

Please note that anybody wishing to be considered for either individual or team pattern should attend the appropriate pattern session.  This includes people who have already been selected for individual pattern as a result of winning their division at the Irish Cup.

The cost of the session is €10

If anybody has any questions, please contact me via mobile (086 857 0144) or via email (  If for some reason, you cannot attend the session, please contact the team manager, Mr Ken Leahy (087 675 4029).


As we have previously communicated, the final places in the squad to
represent Ireland at the 2012 European Championships will be determined
during two sessions on 14 and 28 January 2012.  All team positions will be
decided during these two sessions.  As we are allowed to send more than
one junior competitor in each division, we will be assessing junior
competitors in each of the individual events.

For senior competitors, there are places available in the following

Senior Female
III Degree Pattern
IV-VI Degree Pattern
-63kg sparring
-70kg sparring
+70kg sparring

Senior Male
I Degree Pattern
II Degree Pattern
-54kg sparring
-63kg sparring

Any junior or senior competitor who either wishes to be considered for a
sparring slot should be ready to weigh in at no greater than +5% of
competition weight on both days.  If you do not make this weight at both
sessions, you will not be considered for an individual place at that

The final squad will be named on Saturday 28 January.

The dates and venues for each of the events prior to the European
Championships are as follows:

Selection Sessions
14 January - Cork
28 January - Dublin

Training Sessions
11 Feb - Mid West
18/19 Feb - Cork Open
25 Feb - Dublin
10/11 March - INTA Open
24 March - Mid West
25 March - Dublin Open
7 April - Cork

Posted by Stephen Ryan