Stephen Tapilatu Seminars

Stephen Tapilatu Seminars

Mr. Stephen Tapilatu from the Netherlands will conduct seminars in Rivervalley Community Centre, on February 1st & 2nd. Places are limited for this event so please contact the host, Mr. Stephen Cooley on 0872348332 for more information and to book your place. Mr. Tapilatu is one of the most well known and successful fighters in the history of ITF competition and is current coach to the Netherlands National Team. 

Venue: Rivervalley Community Centre

Saturday 3-4.30pm 12yrs and under green belt+

Saturday 6-8pm13yrs+

Sunday 10-11.30 12 yrs and under green belt+

12-2.30pm cadets and adults

Costs: Kids & cadets 20 Euro per session, Seniors (18+) 25 euro per session. 

Posted by Stephen Ryan