Summer Black Belt Examination

Summer Black Belt Examination

ITA Instructors are invited to submit applications for the Summer Black Belt Grading which will take place on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th June 2010. Please read the following carefully to ensure you are aware of all requirements and details. The deadline for applications to be sent to the Secretary General, with fully completed documentation is Sunday June 6th 2010. Please ensure that all regional preliminary black belt tests have taken place before this date. The region with the majority of applicants will have the responsibility for hosting the black belt grading. Please click more to read all further information.

Please ensure the following is emailed when applying to test:

  • Fully competed excel sheet, ITA Black belt test application form with details of all your applicants
  • Fully completed individual ITA black belt grading application form
  • Portrait photograph of candidate in GIF format

Please ensure the following fees are paid to the ITA treasurer on the day of the grading in cash or cheque/draft made payable to Irish Taekwon-Do Association Limited:

1st Dan = 80 Euro  ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 130 Euro
2nd Dan = 120 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 170 Euro
3rd Dan = 160 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 210 Euro
4th Dan = 240 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 290 Euro
5th Dan = 320 Euro ITF certificate fee + 50 Euro Grading fee = 370 Euro

Those who wish to be considered for the examiners panel for the grading please email ITA Technical Director Master Kenneth Wheatley. To be eligible for the grading panel candidates must:

  1. hold the rank of IV Degree Black Belt or higher
  2. hold an I.T.F. International Instructors Certificate
  3. have attended an I.T.F. International Instructors Course within the past three (3) years
  4. hold an up to date instructor plaque certificate

To coincide with the Black Belt Grading there will be a National Technical Seminar conducted by the ITA Technical Committee on Saturday the 26th June, more details soon.


Stephen Ryan

Secretary General
Irish Taekwon-Do Association

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