Summer Black Belt Test

This is to inform you that the ITA Summer Black Belt test will take place on one day, Sunday June 12th for ALL CANDIDATES testing from 1st to 5th degree.

The venue is North Mon, Nth Monastery Rd, Cork. Candidates to arrive at 9am to complete payment of fees and we will start as soon as registration is complete.


Please see below panels and groups for this Sundays Black Belt test. Examiners are asked to use this info to complete your scoring forms. You can download it from the ITA website here; belt grading-122.html

Remember all candidates will test on Sun June 12th.


Panel 1; Master Stephen Cooley, Master Mark BuckleyMaster Tim Forde, Mr Adrian Byrne 태권도, Mr Stephen Ryan
Narrator; Mr E Dillon

Panel 2; Master Barry, Master Paul Delea, Mr Ken Leahy, Mr McMullen, Mr B Coughlan
Narrator; Mr Jack Sheehan

Master Patrick O Rourke and Mr Kevin Kinsella - Power and Special

Master Kenneth Wheatley - Theory
Master Frank Murphy - Theory


Panel 1 Groups;

Group 1
Ben O' Brien 1st Degree Rivervalley
Marius Mamaliga 1st Degree Rivervalley
Craig Walsh 1st Degree Rivervalley
Jamie Power 1st Degree Rivervalley
Kevin Carr 1st Degree Rivervalley
Group 2
James Tuite 1st Degree Quin TKD
Paul Matthews 1st Degree Quin TKD
Amber Nolan 1st Degree Quin TKD
Ava Nolan 1st Degree Quin TKD
Alice Larkin 1st Degree Quin TKD
Group 3
Ben O'Gorman 1st Dan Shannon TKD
Darren Pradeep 1st Dan Shannon TKD
Donal Pradeep 1st Dan Shannon TKD
Leon Carroll 1st Dan Shannon TKD
Group 4
Ethan Caffrey 1st Dan Shannon TKD
Vadim Vorobyov 1st Dan Shannon TKD
Ruth Whelan 1st Degree Cork ITA
AJ Whelan 1st Degree Cork ITA

Group 5
Daniel Hagon 2nd Degree Cork ITA
Naomi Coonghe 3rd Degree Cork ITA
Ching Man 2nd Dan Shannon TKD
Group 6
Darren Smith 5th degree Rivervalley
Ross Smith 5th Degree Rivervalley
Stephen Smullen 5th Degree Rivervalley
Carl Smullen 5th Degree Rivervalley

Panel 2 Groups

Group 1
Shay Slavin 1st North Mon
Group 2
Dawid Jurkiewicz 1st Dan santry-ITF
Piotr Moroz 1st Dan Santry-ITF
Richard Jordan 1st Dan Killester TKD
Oisin Doyle 1st Deg Wexford TKD
Group 3
Shane Doyle 1st Inspiration Taekwon-Do
Eimear Sherwin 1st Inspiration Taekwon-Do
Marc Walshe 1st Greystones
Darragh Lawler 1st Dan Greystones
Fiachra Murray 1st Greystones TKD
Group 4
Freya Rynne 1st degree Barefield TKD
Sorcha Burke 1st degree Barefield TKD
Agata Stamirowska 1st degree Barefield TKD
Rebecca Walsh 1st degree Barefield TKD
Group 5
Sarah Corbett 1st Degree Turners Cross TKDA
Sean Walsh 1st Degree Turners Cross TKDA
Robert Kelly 1st Degree Turners Cross TKDA
Megan Leahy 1st Degree Turners Cross TKDA
Cathal Brackett 1st Degree Turners Cross TKDA

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Posted by Stephen Ryan