TAB seeks applicants for Tutor Training Courses.

TAB seeks applicants for Tutor Training Courses.

The Taekwon-Do Advisory Board deliver ITF Taekwon-Do specific coach education courses under the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland. Our programme currently consists of the Introduction to Coaching Taekwon-Do (1 weekend) course and the CDPI Level 1: Assistant Coach (4 contact days). Mr Adrian Byrne, Mr Stephen Ryan and Master Kenneth Wheatley currently deliver all courses.


With the expansion of the coaching programme to include the IMAC Level 2 (4 contact days generic and 5 contact days specific to Taekwon-Do) the existing pool of three Tutors will find themselves under pressure to meet the delivery demands of all courses. We are therefore seeking to train one to two new Tutors each year for the next few years.

The quality of the Tutor pool is critical to the success of our coach education programme and so we wish to create a panel of interested and qualified applicants for future Tutor Training courses. Through this proactive measure we hope to ensure we have a quality candidate available for training each time a place on the Tutor Development Course becomes available.

The training of a Tutor is a time and cost intensive process, requiring 5 weekends of the trainee’s time (not including assessment or course delivery) and costing approximately €2500 to TAB. The course is delivered by Coaching Ireland at the University of Limerick and serves the Tutor training needs of 60 sports.

What does a Tutor do?

If you’ve attended a coach education course, either within the TAB programme or with any Irish Sports Council recognized sport then you will have experienced the work of a trained Tutor first hand. Not all of their work is immediately apparent, and the following is a summary of the work performed by a Tutor in the delivery of coach education:


·      Coordinate with other tutors to ensure the delivery needs of the Taekwon-Do Advisory Board are met

·      Coordinate with a host to book a suitable venue, refreshments, accommodation, arrange students for practical assessments, source training material etc.

·      Prepare and deliver courses or units of courses

·      Conduct practical and written assessments

·      Participate in reviews of material and course content

·      Engage in a process of continual professional development

·      Regularly undergo peer reviews

·      Contribute to the development of new material and courses


The ideal candidate will:

·      Be open and engaging

·      Be passionate about learning

·      Be able to set aside grade and ego

·      Have a deep and broad knowledge of ITF Taekwon-Do

·      Be an experienced coach

·      Possess an ancillary skill set (sport sciences, strength and conditioning, health sciences, psychology, pedagogy, strength and conditioning, mediation, andragogy, mentoring)

·      Be well respected by their peers (coaches, tutors and athletes)


Minimum Requirements:

1.     IMAC / CDPI Level 1 in Martial Arts Coaching

2.     4th Dan Black belt in ITF Taekwon-Do

3.     5+ years experience in coaching ITF Taekwon-Do


If you think you fit the description and see yourself as someone who would like to contribute to your sport through the Coach Education process we invite you to complete the application form and send it (electronic format only) to Master Kenneth Wheatley on or before the 30th June.




After this date the TAB coaching and executive officers will rank all applications to form a panel. When a position on a Tutor Development Course becomes available, and assuming TAB is in a position to finance the training, the first ranked candidate will be offered the place. Should they be unable to accept (prior commitments, holidays etc.) the place will be offered to the next ranked candidate and so on. The panel will remain in place for a period of 24 months from June 30th.


Typically the Tutor Development Course runs twice per year. The provisional dates for the next course (2015) are:


Weekend 1         Jan 17-18

Weekend 2         Feb 7- 8

Weekend 3         Feb 28 – Mar 1

Weekend 4         Mar 21 – 22

Weekend 5         Apr 11 – 12


Sports are generally required to keep to a maximum of 2-3 trainees per course and so the number of places available to TAB is also dependent on the needs of other styles within IMAC.


We look forward to hearing from you


Application Form

Adrian Byrne

On behalf of Taekwon-Do Advisory Board

Posted by Stephen Ryan