Technical Seminar Report

Technical Seminar Report

   Sunday 25th of September saw the technical committee of the I.T.A. in Cork. The venue was Glanmire Community College and members of the committee comprised of Master Kenneth Wheatley, Mr Niall Jones and Mr Stephen Ryan. Present on the day were approx 60 students with two Masters , three sixth Degrees, two fifth Degrees ,three third degree's, four second degree's, 13 first degrees and a host of blue to red belts. The class started with a warm up conducted by the  technical committee and this comprised of a number of games including dodge  adding a variety of exercises which were fun but at the same time kept the interest of all. Patterns were then order of the day and starting with Chon-Ji  right through to Choong-Moo. Each member of the technical committee took a pattern each, dissected their movements and explained the application of each technique in detail. With input from the other members of the technical team each and every  detail of the pattern was explained and corrected to the delight of the students on the floor.When the technical team reached Hwa- Rang, Master Wheatley took the blue belts aside to do technical movements while Mr Ryan carried on with the patterns. Mr Jones continued  with 2 and 3 step sparring educating the red and blue belts in the exact applications and how to prepare for the black belt grading. Mr Ryan then treated everyone to an array of kicking drills and conditioning exercises that both exhausted but exhilarated all while showing the students what is possible with the proper preparation and effort and how the exercises and drills could improve their patterns and general Taekwon-Do training. Master Wheatley then took the senior black belts for patterns while Mr Ryan took the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree's .


The session ended with a talk by Master Wheatley on the correct ethical  procedures and protocol in Taekwon-Do, while Mr Ryan and Mr Jones went through the principles and procedures of 1,2 and 3 step sparring.

Overall it was a brilliant day for everyone, all disciplines covered and everyone was enthralled right up to the end.

The sign of a good technical seminar is the Technical team enjoying themselves as much as the students and this was certainly the case on the day.

On behalf of the instructors and students we would like to thank sincerely the members of the Technical team, Master Ken Wheatley, Mr Niall Jones and Mr Stephen Ryan for giving their valuable time,  the benefit of their experience and sharing their proactive approach towards I.T.F. Taekwon-Do .


Report by Mr. Ken Leahy V Dan 



Posted by Stephen Ryan