Technical Seminar Report

Technical Seminar Report

On Sunday 27th of May, 82 members of ITA clubs from around the country ranging from 3rd Kup to 7th Dan travelled to Ennis for the second ITA technical seminar of 2012. The seminar was led by the ITA technical committee of Master Kenneth Wheatley 7th Dan, Mr Niall Jones 5th Dan & Mr Stephen Ryan 5th Dan and the three instructors did an excellent job in providing instruction and feedback to all participants. Of the 82-strong group, 48 blackbelts where in attendance, this included several instructors and high-degree blackbelts and their dedication to Taekwon-Do is underlined by the fact that they should attend such an event and strive to further their knowledge and skill.The seminar covered many aspects of the ITA syllabus including step-sparring, technical kicking, fundamental movements as well as the 24 patterns. The technical committee showed their superb technical knowledge as they invited and answered all questions that the participants put to them. The seminar was organised very well to keep students motivated as the instructors rotated the topic being covered frequently to keep the group’s attention. The intense heat of the day made it tough at times and the participants where grateful for the water breaks given throughout the day.


The morning session began at 10am and focused on the various motions & fundamental sequences that can be found in the patterns as well as colour belt patterns up to Yul Gok Tul. The patterns training was broken up with a module on step sparring and a very enjoyable session on technical kicking with Mr Ryan where he demonstrated several progressions for building strength and skill in kicking techniques.

The afternoon session began with Mr Jones leading an enjoyable games-based warm up and was the then followed by the completion of the colour belt patterns before the group was divided as the blackbelt patterns where covered and the colour belts focused on step sparring. A highlight of day occurred during the patterns sessions when the instructors invited participants to come up in small groups and have their patterns assessed, this gave the volunteers a chance for some personal feedback on their own performance and gave the onlookers a chance to ask any questions they may have.

The seminar concluded at 4:30pm after 6 hours of training in the intense heat. It was a very successful seminar and one that participants of all grade and age where sure to benefit from. Congratulations must go to the technical committee of Master Wheatley, Mr Ryan & Jones for conducting an excellent seminar and making it very informative & enjoyable for all involved. The next technical seminar is scheduled for September in Cork.

Report by Mr Carl Smullen III Dan, ITA PRO




Master Kenneth Wheatley 7 Dan Greystones
Master Patrick O'Rourke 7 Dan Wexford
Tim Forde 6 Dan FIT
Adrian O'Mahoney 6 Dan Kingdom
Paul  Delea 6 Dan Passage West
Brian Coughlan 5 Dan Barefield
Declan  McMullen 5 Dan Celbridge
Kevin Kinsella 5 Dan Ennis TKD
Annie  Kinsella 5 Dan Ennis TKD
Niall Jones 5 Dan Killester
Stephen Ryan 5 Dan Quin
Ken Leahy 5 Dan Turners Cross
Tony Mac Donagh 4 Dan Rathcormac
Wayne Delea 4 Dan Togher
Derek Hanlon 3 Dan Donabate
Darren  Rigney 3 Dan Ennis TKD
Stephen Smullen 3 Dan Newlands
Carl Smullen 3 Dan Newlands
Laura Cullen 3 Dan Quin
Ross Smith 3 Dan Rivervalley
Tim Killen 2 Dan  Passage West
Mike Clune 2 Dan Ennis TKD
Rodney Connolly 2 Dan Midlands TKD
Ger O'Mahony 2 Dan Turners Cross
Nicole  O'Donavan 2 Dan Turners Cross
Rick  Aboud 1 Dan Dublin ITF
David Severn 1 Dan Ennis TKD
Naoise  Stack 1 Dan Ennis TKD
Johann  Cardiff 1 Dan Greystones
Niall  Corrigan 1 Dan Greystones
Bryan  Mahon 1 Dan Midlands TKD
Amy  Delea 1 Dan Passage West
Pat Forde 1 Dan Passage West
Nicola Monaghan 1 Dan Quin
John Moriarty Moriarty 1 Dan Quin
Nicole Moriarty Moriarty 1 Dan Quin
Sarah McMahon 1 Dan Quin
David Lynch 1 Dan Shannon
Olwen Lewis 1 Dan Togher
Evan Hull 1 Dan Togher
Trish Collins 1 Dan Togher
Jessica O'Driscoll 1 Dan Togher
Luke Foley 1 Dan Togher
Kim Madden 1 Dan Togher
Leah O'Sullivan 1 Dan Togher
Conor Lane 1 Dan Togher
Daniel Murphy O'Riordan 1 Dan Togher
Brian Cahill 1 Dan Turners Cross
Ryan  Kelly 1 Kup Ennis TKD
Liam  Phillips 1 Kup Ennis TKD
Dylan McGerr 1 Kup Ennis TKD
Eoin Leyden 1 Kup Ennis TKD
Ellen Ince 1 Kup Killester
Cian Ince 1 Kup Killester
Lukas O'Mahoney 1 Kup Kingdom
Carrielee  Mahon 1 Kup Midlands TKD
Damian Tierney 1 Kup Passage West
David Monaghan 1 Kup Quin
Declan Staunton 1 Kup Quin
Gary Mc Dermot 1 Kup Togher
Robert O' Mahony 1 Kup Turners Cross
Nicole  Bennett 1 Kup Turners Cross
Shane   Kavanagh 1 Kup Wexford
Killian Ferguson 2 Kup Barefield
Ross Delea 3 Kup Passage West
Luke Delea 3 Kup Passage West
Gavin Wills 2 Kup Passage West
Joanne Potter Potter 2 Kup Quin
Luke Moriarty 2 Kup Quin
Darragh O'Brien 2 Kup Rathcormac
Eoin O'Brien 2 Kup Rathcormac
Denis Coleman 2 Kup Togher
Simon Beardsworth 2 Kup Togher
Simone Beardsworth 2 Kup Togher
Michelle Kilcoyne 3 Kup Turners Cross
Fiona Doyle 3 Kup Turners Cross
Emma Doyle 3 Kup Turners Cross
Alexander O'Callaghan 2 Kup Turners Cross
Rebecca Murphy 2 Kup Turners Cross
George Donnergan 2 Kup Turners Cross

Posted by Stephen Ryan