Umpire Report Euros

Umpire Report Euros

Report from Mr. Paul Delea VI Dan, Umpire Euros 2012

For me this is my first experience as umpire at European level and was a very positive one. The first event for us was the umpires meeting on the Thursday afternoon and this lasted nearly four hours. The meeting started with a talk from Master Tjin-A-Ton and Mr. Philip Lear on our responsibilities as umpires and our commitments to the competitors to make sure that it was a good and fair competition. After this everyone got a chance to practise with the electronic equipment and make sure the umpires were well acquainted with aspects of the equipment. Next up was the division of the ring councils and a chance to meet the people we would be working closely with for the next three days, while we were divided into our ring councils we were given a questionnaire on tournament rules. The last part of the day was a final briefing from Mr. Lear. We then headed back to the hotel for dinner and an early night in preparation for an early start.

Day One starts with an umpires briefing from Master Dunbar and Master Tjin-A-Ton in the hotel at 8am and onto the bus for the short trip to the hall. On arrival at the hall its straight to the rings to get started. On my ring the first job is to check that the equipment safe to use and set the heights for the special technique. At 9am the competition starts promptly and so begins a long day for competitors and umpires alike. The professionalism of everyone involved is obvious from the start. The first day is a long one and finishes at 8pm back to hotel and dinner.

Day two starts again with an umpires briefing to see if the first day can be improved on, subjections from the umpires and coaches were discussed and added to the plan for the day. From the meeting its straight to the bus and onto the ring again to start promptly at 9am. Today we finished the special technique and move on to the power. The umpires' day finishes again at 8pm.

Day three and the last umpires briefing. For the my ring council it's an even earlier start to catch up on an over run caused by the finals on the previous night. Everyone is tired but still very committed to doing a good job. Team power is the last event for our ring and it's still exciting to the end because this is also the last chance for medals so it is tense to
the end.

This trip has been a fantastic experience, a chance to see world class competitors up close, but also a great opportunity to meet and work with a very dedicated group of people whose only goal is help run a competition to the highest standard.

Mr. Paul Delea VI Dan

Posted by Stephen Ryan