Umpire Workshop report

Umpire Workshop report

An umpire workshop was help in conjunction with National Team training on Sunday October 13th 2013, which was offered on a free of charge basis. The workshop was attended by participants from Dublin, Wexford, Cork and Clare ITA clubs. Although numbers of participants were small the willingness of the participants to learn and work on using their skills was very motivating , with the way the day was laid out. To start with Mr. Ryan gave a short  talk on reasons for the rules in tournaments and on how the tournaments were run by the different Committees. Also advise was given on the scoring of the different events. We started with a workshop on team patterns, followed by individual patterns, power test, special technique and finally individual and team sparring.

The day consisted mainly of practical work , and with the members of the Irish National Squad training in the same hall , the Umpires were able to practice in real time and in some cases exacting conditions that may arise during the course of competition. Although some of the participants were not as well versed in umpiring duties as some of our more senior members , they were very consistent in their scoring throughout the day ,very much so when it came to the sparring event. 

In view of the willingness of the members on the day to try to improve their knowledge and abilities both as umpires and centre-referees it was a productive and constructive day and bodes well  for future seminars and workshops. The fact of having our National Squad members their and performing  to the best of abilities helped to motivate everyone to work at their best and would fully justify having workshops done in this format in the future

In finishing I would be looking forward to working with these members as umpires in future tournaments as they show great promise to become very skilled Umpire/ Referees, I would also like to thank the National Coaches and the members of the Irish National team in helping us to practice  in virtual near real time conditions on the day

Yours in Taekwon-Do

Master Patrick O' Rourke VII ITA.

Positive feedback received after course:

Dear Mr Ryan

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the Umpire Course yesterday.   Even after over 25 years umpiring, I still learnt something.   It was well run and very easy to understand the different aspects of umpiring.   I liked the way you instilled in us the reason why umpires need to stay separate from competitors, parents, coaches.   I found that although it was a more relaxed course, it still showed the amount of courtesy that is to be shown to both each other and competitors.   There was time for new umpires, who have never been involved with a tournament, to be centre referees, jury presidents, corner referees with the help of the best of Irish competitors.   I think it is a learning experience that should be repeated as often as possible to build up a very good and strong cohort of umpires.   It gave a chance for both the competitors and umpires to work together to give the best that they could.

Many thanks for the work that was put into the day and the opportunity to work with such experienced black belts. 

Ms. Jeanne Byrne


Posted by Stephen Ryan