Board of Directors

The Board of directors oversee the smooth running of the I.T.A. on a day to day basis. The board of directors are the executive body of the I.T.A. and are empowered to make decisions on all matters not exclusive to the general meeting. The I.T.A. board of directors are elected on an annual basis by the general meeting. In addition to their day to day duties on the board each board member also has special duties as outlined below.


Master Kenneth Wheatley VIII Dan


The senior officer of the I.T.A. Represents the I.T.A. at national and international functions. Chair of board meetings and AGM. Communicting with instructors in each region. 

Vice President

Master Mark Buckley VII Dan

oversees the work of the ITA tournament and umpire committee and national team and reports to the board of directors on all matters relating to their activities

Secretary General

Mr. Stephen Ryan VI Dan

  Liaising with ITF, administration, processing certificates, minutes of board meetings & AGM, instructor database, general queries about ITA.


Mr. Kevin Kinsella VI Dan


responsible for the supervision of the financial health of the I.T.A. 


Mr. Adrian Byrne VI Dan


creates a link between the board of directors, the technical and instruction committee, as well as liaising with the Taekwon-Do Advisory Board on coach education matters and the work of IMAC


Mr. Carl Smullen V Dan

  Forms a link between the board of directors and IMAC/TAB as well as anti-doping      


Master Adrian O'Mahoney VII Dan
  forms a link with the insurance officer and reports to ITA board on their work. 


Master Stephen Cooley VII Dan

  oversees collection of ITA Kup, club and plaque fees from each instructor, works with the Secretary General and Treasuer to ensure this is done accurately and effeciently. 






Mrs Laura Ryan V Dan

  oversees the work of the business development committee and PR officer and reports to the board of directors on all matters relating to their work.