Colin McMahon III Degree

Mr. Colin McMahon, commenced his training in TaeKwon-Do, in 1993 with the RITA, under the instruction of Mr .David Jackson and Master Francis Barrett.  He spent twelve years working in Dublin, as a secondary school teacher before moving back to his native Limerick in 2013 to resume his career.  On moving home he joined the ITA under the instruction of Mr. Stephen Ryan, VI degree, of Quin TaeKwon-Do Club.  Mr. McMahon is a regular visitor to both the Quin and Ennis schools, to receive instruction from some of the ITA’s most experienced, and senior instructors. 

Since joining the ITA, Mr. McMahon has completed the Irish Sports Council, Level 1 Coaching Certificate and has completed several ITA national technical seminars as well as remaining active as an umpire on the ITA tournament circuit.   In addition to this he also regularly attends 1st aid and child protection courses as continuous professional development, in both his professional career and as a TaeKwon-Do instructor.  Throughout his 24 years in TaeKwon-Do, he has also trained with and attended seminars under, Grandmaster Rhee K Ha IX Dan, GM Robert Howard, GM Anthony Phelan, and Masters Mark O’Donnell, Donal O’Doherty and Floyd Keane.  In 2017 he attended the 120th ITF, IIC in Manchester, under the ITF technical committee of Grandmaster Marano, GM Ung Lan and Master Laquerre VIII.   In September 2017, he opened the Raheen School of TaeKwon-Do in Limerick.

Brief resume of  Mr. Colin McMahon, 3rd Degree

1993      Commenced training R.I.T.A

1993-2002 Participated in tournaments on a national level.

1997      Promoted to 1st degree, Grandmaster Robert Howard, Dublin, IRE-1-330

1998      National Instructors Course Class C, RITA.

1998      Participated in Ireland v USA, international tournament, individual event.

2000      Promoted to 2nd degree, Grandmaster Anthony Phelan, Dublin, IRE-2-176.

2001      National Instructors Course, Class B and Umpires Course Class C.

2003      National Self Defence Seminar, Master Francis Barrett.

2004      Patterns and Power seminar under GM Robert Howard and GM Anthony Phelan.

2009      International Seminar, Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha and GM Paul Cutler.

2010      National Instructors Course, Class A, RITA

2011      ITF International Instructors Course, Dublin. Master F. Barrett VIII Dan.

2012      National Umpire Class B certificate RITA.

2013      Attended RITA National Self Defence Seminar, Master Barrett VIII.

                  Relocated to Limerick on a permanent basis.   

Joined the ITA under the instruction Mr. Stephen Ryan, VI Dan.

2014      Attended Self Defence Seminar  by invite of Limerick Aikido School.

2013-2017 Assistant Instructor  to Limerick TaeKwon-Do School.

2014      ITA Technical Seminar Ennis, TaeKwon-Do School.

2015      Introduction to Coaching - TAB Advisory Board, Rivervalley TKD, Dublin.

2015      Promoted to III Degree Black Belt, ITA panel. IRE-3-175. Quin, Co.Clare.

2017      ITA Technical Seminar Ennis, TaeKwon-Do School

                   Attended ITF International Instructors Course. Manchester. ITF Technical Committee.

                  Opened Raheen TaeKwon-Do School.